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Igesund's pipe dream

By unknown | Jan 29, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

When the referee blew the final whistle at Atteridgeville's Super Stadium on Saturday night there was little doubt in my mind that Mamelodi Sundowns will advance to the next round of the CAF Champions League.

Clearly, the brave fight put on by the high school-like Swazi team, Royal Leopards, would amount to nothing more than a battle of attrition at the end. And the Brazilians will travel and come back from Swaziland.

After conceding those two goals, though, my imagination went into overdrive with a questions like: are Sundowns ready to blaze the trail on the continent?

Is their president Patrice Motsepe about to get his return in investment? Is the three- year programme that they set themselves four years ago to turn the team around still on track?

Well, it will take some doing to convince me. Based on Saturday's performance, I cannot see Sundowns holding a candle to some of the African powerhouses who are unavoidable in the third and fourth rounds.

In fact, Mozambique's Grupo Desportivo, who lie in wait after Leopards, will be a totally different proposition. They are better organised than Leopards and Madagascar's Uscafoot, who knocked Sundowns out of the last edition.

The Swazi police team came with one thing in mind, to harass Sundowns with pace. And they did because they have it, lots of it as Mzwandile Mamba proved when he scored the 1-1 equaliser.

Mamba came from two steps behind, overtook Benson Mhlongo, rounded Calvin Marlin and scored.

Now, all Sundowns needed were instructions from an unpanicking bench or a leader on the pitch to slow things down and dictate the pace.

Instead, one saw some old hands at Sundowns, no longer as quick as they used to be, sweating it out against the quick-silver, younger Swazis.

After so much expenditure on depth, is Motsepe happy that the absence of Esrom Nyandoro leaves the midfield with as many holes as Swiss cheese?

Of course, there were some forced substitutions because of injury, but I am now sceptical about Gordon Igesund's undertaking that with Sundowns he will win the Champions League and four consecutive Premiership championships.

From the look of things, Igesund is way out of his depth at Sundowns and with him in charge, Motsepe's dream to make the Brazilians an African and world powerhouse will remain just that, a dream.


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