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Everass or thin, light or dark - what do men want

By unknown | Jan 11, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Not all African men like the same kind of woman. Southern African guys like them big with curves. A lot of them view fuller-figured women as healthier. This emanates from the perception that when you are thin the chances are that you're also HIV-positive. Men from the Southern African Development Community countries also like darker women with a natural look, preferably with short hair or dreadlocks. This was instilled by Black Consciousness theories that restored black pride and swept the region in the 1980s.

This is contrary to the choice of Nigerian guys and other men to the north, who like women to be tall and slim. Most of them are turned off by fat women. They like light-skinned women with fake hair. People generally prefer what they do not have. The climate northwards is hot and this causes the skins to be darker. To these men, the lighter the woman the more beautiful she is.

Amanda Ngudle

Beauty standards defy logic even within the same race. Though the skinny-versus-fat beauty debate has finally been put to bed in South Africa, fair complexion preferences have not changed much. There are still some men who want fairer complexioned women because they say they are "thinking about future kids", meaning they wouldn't want their children to have dark skin, an act that defies black pride.

Enter the bum. Black men have always adored and salivated over a proud round bottom, the Sonia Mbhele Sedibe kind. And though women tried to get rid of what they temporarily called Mount Everass, it has made a comeback with a touch of bravado. Evidence of this is the mushrooming of fashions that make the ass look even more pronounced.

Breasts have also hogged attention, thanks to US videos. While black men were watching thighs and bums, and white men sang praises to their "twins", there is a growing number of black men whose sight line seems fixed on the breast line. But the beauty industry still looks for the clones of former beauty queens like Khanyisile Dhlomo, who possesses nothing of the above- mentioned, meaning that men's desires and the industry perceptions will always run parallel and never meet.


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