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'Robber' teacher to be replaced

By unknown | Jan 10, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Riot Hlatshwayo

A school in Mpumalanga will reopen without one of its teachers today after he was shot and killed when he allegedly robbed a petrol station of cash on December 5.

The teacher, Elone Sibuyi, taught commercial subjects in several grades at Soshangane High School and it is not clear whether the school has someone to replace him.

Education spokesman Hlahla Ngwenya said yesterday: "I must be honest - I was not aware of the matter since I was on holiday, but obviously the department will do something about it."

Sibuyi was allegedly armed with a 9mm pistol when he went to the garage at about 4am.

Surveillance video footage from the petrol station shows the teacher wearing a balaclava and instructing everyone to cooperate.

Staff at the station handed over cash from the tills to the teacher, who turned and ran away.

He was not aware that a security guard hiding in a secret compartment of the station was watching and followed him.

An exchange of gunfire between the teacher and the guard took place but Sibuyi fled.

He ran for about 150m before falling and dying without anyone being aware of it.

It was only two hours later, at about 6am, when the petrol station's day staff came to work that they noticed his body lying next to the gun and some cash.

Sowetanestablished that Sibuyi had just buried three relatives, including his father, and had apparently run out of cash for the festive season.

Soshangane school principal Duzephi Sibuyi [no relation] said he was reserving comment until he had spoken to the department for the sake of protocol.


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