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Principal says school's cleansing is reason for poor matric results

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Frank Maponya

A Limpopo principal has blamed a sangomas' ritual for his school's poor matric results.

Ben Maserumule, the principal of Mogadime High School in Moeding village at GaRakgoadi outside Marble Hall, said the performance of his students dropped after a group of sangomas performed rituals to remove evil spirits at his school.

Maserumule said the cleansing has not produced the desired results, but instead has made matters worse.

Last year traditional healers were summoned to the school after a community meeting resolved to invite them to perform rituals at the school.

The healers were called after pupils complained of witchcraft at the school.

Teaching came to a halt when seven traditional healers sang and danced while conducting rituals to cleanse the institution.

But now Maserumule regrets the move because his students have performed badly.

He said the school has failed to produce an exemption and only 26,66 percent of matric pupils passed.

The principal attributed the poor performance by pupils to the visit by the sangomas.

"It has been difficult to draw the attention of the pupils since the visit by the sangomas.

"I believe that their performing the rituals in front of the pupils negatively impacted on the children," said Maserumule.

He said the sangomas had dug holes in front of each classroom and the offices of the teachers and then poured an unknown concoction into the holes before closing them with soil.

"The fact that the sangomas also left without speaking to anyone may have had a psychological effect on the pupils. Nobody knew them except for the people who invited them."

Maserumule said he was concerned about the decline in the performance of his pupils.

He said the school had obtained more than a 50percent pass rate in matric in the previous years.

Maserumule said the school achieved 50 percent in 2004.

"In 2003 we achieved a 73percent pass rate and in 2002, 88percent of our pupils passed.

Ndo Mangala, a spokesman for the Limpopo Department of Education, said principals must work to ensure their schools produced better matric results "rather than concentrate on trivial things."


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