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It doesn't take loads of cash to renovate - just style and ideas

By unknown | Jan 03, 2007 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

You don't have to be a Motsepe to love your bathroom. All the world's wealth couldn't buy you style if you tried.

But with a little imagination, you could turn your boring white-walled hygiene room into a cosy, inviting space that whispers all the right notes the minute you step into your home.

Unlike other rooms, it's imperative to decorate bathrooms because they are the most intimate spaces we share with guests. They also double as emotion evoking spaces. They make us sing, cry, get lost in thought, trigger memories and even induce peaceful sleep for some of us.

But first you need the clues.

Many people would rather employ a decorator to transform their bathroom but I have found that getting someone else's hand involved detaches you from cultivating the project and removes your personal touch and signature, which might be obvious everywhere else in the home.

Decide on the theme of your bathroom. Themes can range from tropical, Victorian, earthy, marine, Zen, yin-yang, Asian and so on.

The theme will be determined by colours, tones and the co-ordination of the walls, floors, and accessories.

It is crucial to decide on the theme before you go shopping because the ambience may not be easy to erase once created.

The theme resonates different ambience tones. For instance, you would not expect a Zen theme (a combination of calming waters, precious stones, plants, wood, candles and so forth) to get you ready for an evening swim.

The effects of the Zen theme are tranquillising thanks to the effects of these earthy components on the mind.

Getting started

You need to choose the wall colours and your taste should complement the effects of the colour scheme you want. For instance, the Asian theme might not go well with an eclectic selection of colours.

The Asian theme is biased towards Chinese decor, which comprises red, black and white with a touch of delicate tones such as those of fragile, blooming plants and thick, dark wood.

Make the colour of your walls the base of your decorating theme. Talented home decor artists often fuse different colours to be safe.

They use a pale colour at the bottom of their walls and a frivolous complementary colour on the top section.

This is the most important step in giving your bathroom a face lift because all the other components will be at the base around the walls.

This is where your ambience will first surface.

Follow your heart. Be innovative and colour your bathroom to celebrate your personality.

I have often observed that male home owners are more inclined to do this and that their rooms cannot be mistaken for anyone else's space.

Don't rush the process.

As soon as you are done with the walls, you might realise that the effect of renovating the walls will be devastating to the floors.

But the annoying fact is that floors don't come cheap and camouflaging them with paint will prove detrimental to your expensive and time-consuming efforts.

Take your time and buy floor components that complement your hard work on the walls.

As soon as that has been covered you will realise that the mirrors and the basins will beg you to send them to a retirement home and so your work will really begin, fuelled with enthusiasm.

The cabinets and the bath will need attention. As soon as they have been rejuvenated, accessories will be a joy to buy and will find their perfect place in the haven you have created.

But remember, home decor is a lifetime process. Just as taste wears off, trends evolve. Right now, bathroom trends are leaning towards the earthy theme and this is a trend that could last up to eight years.

Don't overspend on expensive components.


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