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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

Boxer, trainer's claims refuted

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Bongani Magasela

Retired boxing referee Len Hunt has been cleared of misconduct during the fight on October 1, which resulted to the death of Tally Disolwane in December.

Hunt, who retired last month after serving boxing with distinction for more than 30 years, was blamed by both trainer Gus Appgrym and his boxer Thompson Mokwana for Disolwane's tragic death.

Appgrym claimed to have tried, but unsuccessfully, to influence Hunt to stop the fight in the fourth round.

He said he noticed strange reactions from Disolwane, who had fallen badly after going through the ropes in the third round.

Mokwana shared the sentiments and added that Disolwane would duck even when no punch had been thrown.

But Stanely Sono, who was the tournament supervisor, said Appgrym had no right to do what he claimed to have tried to do.

"Tally's cornermen could do that or Hunt, according to the rules. Nobody thought Tally's fall would be severe in terms of injuries.

"He came back and fought back brilliantly up until the knockdown," said Sono, who attended the funeral in Polokwane.

Hunt is livid and displeased with Sowetan's report on December 19.

"That guy was disputing the count of 20.

"Clearly he does not know that if a boxer gets knocked out of the ring - it's a 20 must count.

"Tally came back and fought so well that he won the rest of the round," he said.

Mokwana claimed to have decided not to hit Disolwane on his head, but to work on his body.

"That is how I stopped him."

But Hunt said it was a right blow to the head that knocked Disolwane down.

"I checked him when he came back into the ring. He had no bumps that would have been caused by hitting the concrete floor with his head as it is said in your report."

Disolwane fell into a coma and died on December 16.


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