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Widow painted as gold-digger out for late musician's fortune

By unknown | Dec 22, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Willie Bokala

Willie Bokala

Khululiwe Gloria Sithole has been painted as an opportunistic gold-digger who married Jabu Khanyile for his money when he was literally on his deathbed.

The interdict served on her by Khanyile's first wife, Nomasonto Daphney Khanyile, 49, this week practically alleges this.

But there are many questions to answer if she is to succeed, chief of which is: In what state was Khanyile when he married Sithole four days before his death?

Nomasonto concedes in papers before the Johannesburg high court that her husband had had an affair with Sithole while they were married. She also says her husband had lived with Sithole in his other house in Naturena.

She says she was shocked when she learnt after her husband's death that he had officially married Sithole.

She implies somewhere in her papers that her husband may have been in no position to sign or agree to marriage.

"When he became ill and vulnerable, the first respondent [Sithole] took control of the deceased and his financial affairs.

"Four days before his death, she purported to marry him at Ferreirasdorp, Johannesburg.

"At that stage he was very ill. He was immobile and his mind was wandering."

She goes on to suggest that Sithole came to dump her ailing husband on her a day before he died.

"On November 9, three days before his death and a day after the purported marriage, she called me to her home," she claims.

"The deceased was unconscious and I spent the night watching over him. I went back home the next day, November 10.

"On November 11, she returned the deceased to me at my home [in Dobsonville].

"He was carried into my home and the first respondent informed me that he wanted to be brought home. The deceased was barely conscious."

Nomasonto says she was prompted into action to protect her rights and interests in the estate of her husband.

She states that Sithole had unlawfully attempted to have herself appointed as the executrix of the estate.

"In this way she is attempting to take control to the prejudice of the children and intestate heirs."

To her knowledge her husband had one child with Sithole. She has two, and there were five other children born out of wedlock with different women.

Nomasonto is interdicting the master of the high court from appointing Sithole as the executrix of the estate.


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