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Cat o' nine lives Senyaka reinvents himself with DVD

By unknown | Dec 22, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Like a cat with nine lives, Senyaka seems to have a capacity for reinventing himself over and over again.

Within days of its release, his DVD Moruti wa Tsotsi, has already hit the 10000 unit sales mark and was still flying out of the shops.

Moruti wa Tsotsi is about a man called Jim who comes to Joburg. He coincidentally attends a church service, hits on the brilliant idea of making easy money by pretending to be imbued with powers of healing.

Laughing softly, Senyaka says: "Jim meets Brenda Fassie whose singing in church touches him. He pursues her with a vengeance. They fall in love and get married.

"She is obviously not comfortable with her husband's gift. Concerned about whether he indeed does have healing powers, she confronts him.

"Cornered, he confesses he is a fake. Fate takes a twist when his bride's irate father shoots him to death and goes to prison for 15 years."

He proudly adds: "Despite the fact that we have not launched the new DVD, response to it has been phenomenal. People are talking about it and clamouring for more.

"My fans have just given it the thumbs up. I am glad the movie is being appreciated by people on the ground. It's meant for them."

Senyaka says it's not just about making money, but opening people's eyes to the fact that other churches have their own secret agendas.

"They are taking congregants for a ride.

"Strangely, though people realise just how scarce God is in those churches, they still flock there in their thousands and happily empty their thinly lined pockets.

"Watching Brenda, it's emotional. It's like she is still alive. It's hard to accept that she is gone.

"Staunch believers must beware of bogus churches, run by Mafia types intent on getting money from pensioners," he fumes.


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