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Goniwe's shame compounded by his expulsion

By unknown | Dec 15, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mbulelo Goniwe is the second ANC chief whip to leave parliament in disgrace.

Mbulelo Goniwe is the second ANC chief whip to leave parliament in disgrace.

Following on the heels of jailed fraudster Tony Yengeni, Goniwe was kicked out of the ANC for sexual harassment yesterday.

Before the charges of sexual harassment were made, Goniwe was in the running for the post of secretary of the ANC in the Eastern Cape.

He withdrew his candidacy after the charges became known.

He was put on extended sick leave - essentially, stripped of his powers as the ruling party's chief whip.

In an interview with the Mail & Guardian,Goniwe said that the charges had seriously harmed him.

He hinted that he had no wish to return to parliament next year, whether found guilty or not.

Yesterday, the ANC sealed his fate and expelled him.

His expulsion comes a week after another ANC leader, Norman Mashabane, stepped down from his position after the Pretoria high court's ruling that he was a "sex pest".

He was Limpopo premier Sello Moloto's political advisor.

Goniwe cannot hold any public office under the party's ticket for the next three years.

Analyst Aubrey Matshiqi yesterday said that Goniwe's political career had been ruined.

"This is a strong message to the male members of the ANC," said Matshiqi.

Goniwe has two other big black marks against him.

There was the scandal surrounding his failure to pay maintenance for his children, followed by allegations that parliamentary officials were protecting him from being served with a summons by the sheriff of Cape Town.

Then there was the "Travelgate" saga, in connection with which Goniwe came under fire from MPs who accused him of using them as sacrificial lambs.

Goniwe's predecessor, Tony Yengeni, resigned under a cloud after being accused of defrauding parliament.

Yengeni had failed to disclose that he had received a massive discount on the purchase price of a luxury car from one of the companies involved in the government's multibillion-rand arms deal.


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