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Cosatu aligns Mbeki's economic policy of 'gravy train' with DA

By unknown | Dec 11, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

President Thabo Mbeki is a divisive leader whose economic policies were in line with that of the DA, Cosatu said yesterday.

"Mbeki's style of engagement leaves much to be desired," said Cosatu spokesman Patrick Craven.

"He always seeks to misrepresent people's genuine concerns, to ridicule those he disagrees with and question their integrity.

"In the process, he has antagonised countless organisations and left the ANC and the alliance fractious and divided," Craven said.

Mbeki had previously defended the alleged involvement of cabinet ministers in the consortium building the high-speed Gautrain.

He wrote in his weekly ANC Today column on the party's website that Cosatu, the SACP and the DA, in their criticism about the alleged involvement of the ministers, presented a new "multiparty offensive against the ANC".

Cosatu said it would not withdraw its condemnation of ministers involved in business deals.

"We believe it is immoral for anyone to seek to be both a people's representative and a businessman or woman at the same time," said Craven.

He said Mbeki did not deny government ministers were shareholders in companies profiting from government contracts. On the contrary, Mbeki sought to justify the situation and portray it as admirable.

"Cosatu takes exception that it is lumped together with the DA. As part of the style of misrepresenting opponents' arguments, the president sought to lump the arguments we made with those by the DA.

"We have nothing in common with the DA. Instead there is more in common between the DA and the president, at least in terms of economic policies."


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