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This year's World Aids Day party was better than ever

By unknown | Dec 07, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Priceless lifetime moments are rare - like the World Aids Day party hosted by Sowetan's tireless HIV-Aids awareness and education crusader, Lucky Mazibuko.

For Mazibuko this was the seventh World Aids Day party that he has had with children infected and affected by HIV-Aids. These were children from child-headed homes or from nongovernmental organisations looking after vulnerable children.

This year's party, held under the auspices of the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation and sponsored and organised by Sowetan, Sunday World, DaimlerChrysler, Game, Mageu Number 1, Jozi FM, Score Supermarkets and BHP Billiton, attracted more sponsors and catered for a bigger number of children than ever before.

Sponsors and organisers' representatives - including Sowetan and Sunday World's publisher Bongani Keswa, Mageu Number 1's Wellington Tshomela, BHP Billiton's Nora Segoati and Jozi FM's Collen Hans - interacted with the children and their caregivers.

The sponsors and organisers plan to increase the size of these events and repeat them throughout the country. The ultimate dream being to host thousands of these children at one venue.

Pointing to the children who predominantly came from the Itireleng and Community Action Homes in Soweto, Mazibuko said: "A few hours each year, spent this way, are a blessing because they are spent in the company of very special people, children who, like others in different and more stable situations, deserve love, appreciation and kindness, and it is always like heaven."

After touring the Industria, Johannesburg offices of Sowetan and Sunday World, the children were bussed to Grayston Primary School in Sandton for fun-filled games, and meals and drinks, which were followed by gifts of a book for each child.

Appropriately-packaged, with specially-designed text and pictures, the book, titled Brenda has a Dragon in her Blood, teaches children about HIV-Aids, its effects and the necessary precautions to take to avert its dreaded clutches.

Each book has a special HIV-Aids awareness and education affirmation which has been specially autographed by Mazibuko.

Wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the message " I'm Leading The Way Towards An Aids-Free World", the children had so much fun that when the time to go home arrived it seemed to be almost tragic.

Memories of this day will remain with all who were there.


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