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Volkswagen Passat 3.2 FSi - continued motoring success

By unknown | Dec 06, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Charles Mogale

Charles Mogale

It is hard to imagine what else Volkswagen could have done to improve on the Passat 3.2 FSi.

Already the car has won a string of awards, including Europe's prestigious readers' poll in which more than 40million readers of 24 magazines pick a winner.

In addition it has been named car of the year in several European countries.

This all-new Passat is the sixth generation of the highly successful brand, which has sold more than 13million units worldwide.

It is simply a superior car, priced competitively at R339 000.

The exterior styling is not too exciting.

But the interior is heavenly and roomy. All the controls are sensibly positioned.

Just looking at the paraphernalia on the dash will convince you that this is no run-of-the-mill jalopy.

By the end of the test period, I could still not figure out what most of the stuff on the board was all about.

The seats are solid without compromising comfort.

The handling is fairly smooth, thanks to the permanent 4-wheel drive, which comes standard with the vehicle.

The V6 motor puts out 184kW at 6200 rpm. Top speed is a reported 246kmh.

For peace of mind, VW is throwing in a 100000km-five year Automotion Maintenance Plan as standard on all new Passats.


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