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'Werewolf' pretends to be a woman

By unknown | Dec 05, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

A Mpumalanga man invoked an age-old African fairy-tale, Tselane, to gain entry into the house of a woman who he allegedly raped.

In the tradition of Tselane and the werewolf, a Barberton man is believed to have changed his voice to imitate a woman's to gain the confidence of the woman who had previously spurned his affection and gain entry to her house.

Once inside the house the man allegedly attacked the woman on Saturday night.

Police said the "fake woman" claimed to be in trouble with thugs who were chasing after "her" and asked to be let in.

"The real woman asked who the 'woman' outside her house was, and 'she' mentioned a name that was known to the woman inside the house," said Constable Jabu Ndubane of the Barberton police.

The victim opened the door after being convinced the person at the door was the woman she knew.

"She was shocked to find a man who had earlier proposed making love to her, and without any waste of time he pushed her back into the house and then he allegedly raped her repeatedly," said Ndubane.

He later fled the scene and was still at large yesterday.

Tselane'stale tells of a teenage girl who lived alone in the bush in constant fear of a werewolf which wanted to make a meal of her.

But the beast was unable to gain the confidence of the little girl and persuade her to open the door.

The werewolf then went to an inyanga whose advice was to swallow a red-hot stone which would change the wolf's voice into that of the little girl's grandmother.

l In a separate incident a 23-year-old man from Ka-Mhlushwa near Malelane allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl after offering her accommodation on Saturday night.

Police said the girl had been drinking with the man and he later offered her accommodation in one of his bedrooms.

A police spokesman said: "She woke up in the morning to find herself naked.

"The man confessed to having had sex with her without a condom and she reported the matter to the police."

The suspect will appear in court soon.


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