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Mother's fake two children registered with Home Affairs

By unknown | Dec 05, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mvuyo Mati

Nonensi Kweyi-Melude is fuming after discovering that two children had been fraudulently registered under her name at the Department of Home Affairs.

She was shocked to learn that she was the mother of Thabo and Thabani, both of whom she does not know.

Kweyi-Melude, of East London, said she had no idea that someone had registered children under her name until she visited the Home Affairs office in the city to apply for a birth certificate for her son Sinethemba.

The authorities told her that Sinethemba, aged 19, could not get a birth certificate because "her son" Thabo, who was born on January 31 1987, the same date as Sinethemba, already had a birth certificate.

She was also told that Sinethemba would obtain the certificate only if he and Thabo were twins.

Sowetan is in possession of a letter from the department to Kweyi-Melude saying it has no legal authority to alter the particulars of parents in a child's birth register. Such changes had to be authorised by the high court.

Now Kweyi-Melude has laid a charge of fraud against whoever is behind the birth certificate saga.

"Sinethemba is suffering because he cannot get an ID," she said.

Kweyi-Melude suspects a Home Affairs employee of conniving with a relative of hers to register the two children under her name to get child-support grants.

Police Superintendent Mtati Tana said they were investigating who in Home Affairs had helped the person who applied for the boys' birth certificates.


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