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Golf estate backs down over 'racist' tags

By unknown | Dec 01, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

An Mpumalanga golf estate has reversed its decision to have black workers wear bibs that bear their names, though their white colleagues do not.

This followed complaints by the workers that the action was racist and unfair.

Black workers at the Matumi Golf Estate in Nelspruit, who accused their bosses of being racists after being forced to wear name tags, were yesterday relieved to learn that the decision had been reversed.

Black workers at the golf estate were for some time forced to wear bibs, but their white counterparts were not. The officials said this was decided upon two years ago for security reasons.

This week a squabble erupted at the club's entrance between black workers and Lynnette Scholtz, the security manager for the home owners' association, when she told them to wear bibs before entering the club.

The association shares the estate with Nelspruit Golf Club.

The workers have described the move as "racist".

They said the new order of identifying them was violating their rights.

"This is discrimination, we work the same place with whites, but only blacks are ordered to wear bibs. We have identification cards and wear uniforms, so why should we wear bibs?" said one of the workers.

The workers forced their way into the club after refusing to wear bibs.

Richard Rillema, the golf club's manager, said the club had reversed the decision after meeting with the workers.

"After consulting with staff members, we also feel the system is racially biased and is prejudicial," he said.


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