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Barbie's a hoodoo doll

By unknown | Nov 29, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

It's often said that two bulls can't live in one kraal.

In my home, conflicting interests revolve around my rules and Barbie's. Yes, Barbie. Ken's former girlfriend.

I don't care that Barbie, the buxom, skinny, three-dimensional blonde, has been around for more than 40 years and that she is celebrated by millions of mothers and their daughters.

I despise her.

Every toy shop and children's entertainment centre carries with it some kind of Barbie appendage.

For a ridiculously high price you can destroy any self love you have been trying to instil in your black child in this sin-ridden world.

But it was inevitable that I would eventually have to rein in my African pride sentiments that go firmly against the Barbie culture.

If you have bought the collection of the Barbie DVDs as I have, you will realise that it features not one character of African descendent.

What this means to an impressionable four-year-old is that her kind is not recognised.

It worked that way for me. As a seven-year-old I shunned the efforts of my Pan Africanist mother who bought me black dolls.

I made them sleep outside, while my pink ones spent the night right next to me.

We do grow up to be our mothers indeed.

To ruffle my feathers some more, a friend's little girl recently bragged to mine about her new Barbie cellphone.

I have always questioned the target market for a dating Barbie.

The R70 piece of plastic allows callers to leave a message after Barbie says things like: "Hi it's me, Barbie, why don't we go get a pizza with Ken this evening?"

Surely kids who are still playing with dolls should not be enticed into dating.

However, I recently discovered a group of multiracial plastic friends called The Bratz.

My relief at this political correctness was short- lived because I suddenly got a call from a toy marketing agent who told me she was proud to announce that a limited edition of these dolls would soon be available with real diamonds.

I'll be damned.


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