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Sequel about cons and spies doesn't gel

By unknown | Nov 28, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Book: The Collectors

Book: The Collectors

Author: David Baldacci

Reviewer: Simon Nare

What a cheat, I screamed after reading this book.

I was so upset that, had I known where the author lived, I would have gone there and ripped up the book on his doorstep.

The Collectors is a yawn, to put it mildly.

I have not read his other book, The Camel Club. Now I have found out that The Collectors is a sequel to The Camel Club.

For me, there were two stories in one book and hard as the author had tried, they just didn't gel.

It is a story about the daughter of a conman who follows in her father's footsteps.

Annabelle Conroy goes after the casino king who murdered her father for failing to pay a debt. She was young at the time, but she witnessed Jerry Bagger shooting her mother in cold blood because her mother refused to tell Bagger where her father was.

Now she has grown up to be an accomplished con. She has succeeded in swindling Bagger out of millions of dollars and is planning to split for parts unknown, to disappear forever.

She duped a ruthless and powerful man out of millions and she knows that Bagger will pursue her until he finds her.

Conroy is about to make her escape when she spies a name from her past and, against her better judgment, she ends up working alongside the Camel Club to resolve the murder of her father and expose a spy network.

To my disappointment, the story of Bagger pursuing Conroy gets lost somewhere in between. There was an attempt by Baldacci to touch on it, but it went as far as the casino king tracking down one of her con artists, but as he is about to reach her the book ends.

That was so discontenting because I would have loved to find out how she was going to outsmart him or how he was going to break every bone in her body.

Instead, Baldacci did not blend the two stories together. He could have stuck with the con storyline, which I found intriguing and entertaining. The dialogue was catchy and they could make the reader laugh. I can't say the same about the spy world.


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