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It's a Pey-geo not a Peejot

By unknown | Nov 22, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

It's interesting how people mispronounce cars' brand names and couldn't care less about getting it right.

Because it happens so frequently it's becoming acceptable. I have experienced this particularly among people in black communities. But hang on, I'm not suggesting blacks can't pronounce words correctly, because mispronunciation occurs among all races.

A colleague and I laughed our lungs out while identifying the way car brands are mispronounced .

I refuse to let people call me anything other than Ma-bu-ya-ne. Wouldn't it annoy you if a sister or brother mispronounces a vehicle's name out loud so that you want to hide away?

Think of a name like Renault. It is French and should be pronounced as such. It should be pronounced Reno, but some people would rather say Renalt.

Another common victim of mispronunciation is Peugeot. For as long as I can remember, most people have always called this brand, Peejot. It is not Peejot, but Pey-geo!.

Like Citroen, people say see-tron. It's actually pronounced See-trun. But with Korean brands there's liberty in how you pronounce them.

For example, take the Hyundai. It doesn't really matter how you pronounce it. The last time I checked the Koreans said it is pronounced Han-day, but most people say Hun-dai and it is still acceptable.

Like Kia, some people say key-ya some say ki-ya. Once more you're rescued by the fact that it is Korean and easier to pronounce.

On the other hand there is Audi, which is pronounced Ou-dee, but not Au-di, like most people say.

One good example of a car brand that we normally mispronounce is Porche. It is pronounced Por-sher not porsh.

But the most complicated one of them all is the new kid on the block from VW group, Seat.

I had heated debates with friends when Seat arrived in South Africa. They rejected my pronunciation of this Spanish brand. It is Say-at not sit or see-it. Please heed my advice. With French names such as Renault and Peugeot, leave out the "t" at the end. Oh, there is also Chevrolet. Please leave the "t" out and you should be okay.


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