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Aaarrgh! Somebody help - I've just won R27m

By unknown | Nov 22, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

When a KwaZulu-Natal father in his early 40s stopped eating and started looking extremely troubled, his concerned wife asked what was bothering him.

The shocked, scared, confused and numbed man had just won the Lotto jackpot of nearly R27million - the fourth largest jackpot on an individual ticket.

Meanwhile, everyone else was waiting for the mystery winner to come forward.

Finally, nine days after the draw, the man was coaxed into visiting Uthingo's Durban office to collect his cheque.

He had bought a R28 ticket on November11 for that evening's draw on his way home from church. On Monday he checked the lottery draw in a friend's newspaper, but could verify only four numbers.

At home, he locked himself in the toilet and checked and rechecked the ticket against the winning numbers.

"I began shivering and sweating. I was scared, confused and stunned. I did not know what to do," he said.

"I could not eat or sleep for three days. I went to work as usual, but could not concentrate. My wife asked me several times what the matter was. I did not tell her I had become a multi-millionaire overnight."

The man, who lives in a two-room house in a squatter camp, still has to decide whether he will give up his job as a driver, which he has held for 14 years.

His immediate plans are to clear his debts, buy a house and a car, and invest the rest.

Uthingo said its advisors were trained to put worried winners at ease. - Sowetan Reporter


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