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Challenge a shambles, but Safa didn't lose lolly

By unknown | Nov 21, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sipho Mthembu

Sipho Mthembu

South African Football Association chief executive Raymond Hack has not considered vacating his position amid calls for him to do so after the Mandela Challenge debacle.

Hack has been under attack, mainly from the lobby that wants Danny Jordaan to straddle the Safa and World Cup 2010 Local Organising Committee jobs, first for Carlos Alberto Parreira's obscene salary, staff mutinies at Safa, and lately for the challenge bungle.

"I am not here to serve the likes or dislikes of certain individuals in the media. I can only consider resigning if the president and the executive express their dissatisfaction at my performance, nobody else," he said, digging in.

Addressing the issues that put his administration into question, Hack said most of the criticism was unfair.

"I am the first to admit that we made some mistakes with regards the Mandela Challenge and we have since learnt. They will never happen again," he promised.

"From a financial point of view, the Mandela Challenge was a great success. We lost R3 million last year and we had lost R2million the year before. This year we did not lose a cent and honoured all our obligations," Hack explained.

"However, I must admit that from a public perception and organisation point of view, it was not as successful. But then, what do I do when the organisers violate the contract by not organising training fields for the teams?

"About the staff mutinies, I have never seen one of those. I know that people who are unhappy at Safa are those who have been brought in to line. They had done as they pleased before," he said.

"Lastly, I was not part of negotiations with Carlos Alberto Parreira.

"My duty is to attend to the paperwork once the negotiations are done. It is strange that no one called for my resignation when we brought the deficit from R98 million to R11 million," Hack concluded.


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