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Baby's finger missing

By unknown | Nov 20, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Makhosi Gumede thought she would finally know what had happened to her baby's finger when the hospital's authorities called her to a meeting last week.

But instead of getting information, Gumede said she was told by a woman, who introduced herself as the matron, to count herself lucky because her baby still had a piece of her finger.

Gumede, 26, has waited for more than a month to know what happened to her newborn daughter's missing finger at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in Umlazi, Durban.

Last week, health department spokesman Leon Mbangwa said that by today Gumede would know how her baby lost her finger.

But when Sowetanphoned him yesterday, he was not available for comment.

Gumede said that hospital staff had told her that her baby might have swallowed part of her finger or that a cockroach might have bitten it off.

She said that a man who introduced himself as a Health Department representative during the meeting had jokingly said that if they knew where the missing piece of finger was, they would give it to Gumede to stitch it back on.

"With my daughter sitting on my lap, I felt sick listening to them making fun of my misery," she said.

Gumede said that when she became angry the hospital representatives changed their tone and promised to get back to her after they had questioned the nurse who was in charge when the incident happened.

"I do not understand why they have waited for more than a month after the incident to speak to the nurse. She is the only one who knows how that piece of my daughter's finger went missing."


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