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Let us forgive Lebo's driver

By unknown | Nov 08, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Nhlakanipho Funeka should be hailed for apologising to the Mathosa family and the nation for causing the accident in which Lebo was killed.

Bravo chief. We all know that accidents happen unexpectedly, anywhere and at any time. But they need to be avoided because some, if not most of them, are caused by our carelessness, lack of foresight, vision and experience.

The young man was brave to face the family, friends, relatives and the nation by apologising. Over and above that, he visited the bereaved family to genuinely express his sorrow.

We should give Funeka some space. Let us leave him alone so that he can live a normal life.

I know this might be difficult for the Mathosa family to do, but as Christians we really need to practice what we preach.

I also want to thank the Mathosa family, Lebo's friends and everybody else who has accepted the young man's apology and has forgiven him for what happened.

Patrick Morathi, Mothotlung


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