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FNB won't settle until SAPS bars 'unnatural' death

By unknown | Nov 08, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Without a full police report in the case of unnatural death, First National Bank will not pay out your death benefit.

George Moshidi took out burial cover for his mother at FNB in August last year.

A year later, his mother complained of a severe headache and collapsed. Her neighbour called an ambulance, but unfortunately she died on arrival at the hospital, Moshidi said.

He lodged a claim, but it has not been settled because FNB need a full police report to process his claim.

"The police refuse to give me one because her death was as a result of a headache," he said.

Stephen Higgins, of FNB, said: "In this case, the death certificate states 'unnatural causes'. In the case of unnatural death, the matter has to be reported to the SAPS, who will investigate the matter. If the investigation reveals nothing out of the ordinary, we will process the client's claim."

Higgins said FNB Life insists on a report to ensure that the deceased did not die as a result of suicide or criminal activity.

He said these conditions are set out in the contract.


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