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Children's rights endorsed by UN

By unknown | Nov 03, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

l Children should enjoy special protection.

l Children should enjoy special protection.

l Children should be given opportunities and facilities, by law and by other means, to enable them to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in conditions of freedom and dignity.

l Children should be entitled from birth to a name and a nationality.

l Children should enjoy the benefits of social security.

l Children who are physically, mentally or socially handicapped should be given special treatment, education and care.

l Children, for the full and harmonious development of their personalities, need love and understanding.

l Children should, whenever possible, grow up in the care, and under the responsibility of their parents and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security.

l Children of tender years should not, save in exceptional circumstances, be separated from their mothers. Public authorities are duty-bound to extend care to children without a family and to those without adequate means of support.

- Adapted by Victor Mecoamere from The Declaration of the Rights of the Child , proclaimed by the UN in 1959.


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