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Diva shared her success with kassies

By unknown | Oct 25, 2006 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Don Mattera

Don Mattera

I got the terrible news at 3am. It was a shock.

Lebo Mathosa's death is a great loss because she was one among a few children I loved dearly for the talent she possessed, and she had a great brain and beauty.

Lebo loved her people dearly and always went back to celebrate her success with the people in our kassies, because surely she did not forget where she came from, and how hard she slogged before cracking it.

Lebo's sudden, terrible death should be a lesson for our youth though. Our youth need to love life and preserve life by taking care on the roads and in their own lives.

Lebo was a leader in another area, besides being close and loving her own people, in that she was close to God - a spiritual self which rose whenever she spoke - and like Brenda Fassie, she is irreplaceable.


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