Mon Apr 21 04:07:46 SAST 2014
Mon Apr 21 04:07:46 SAST 2014

Anorexic speaks out to help other girls

Dec 20, 2012 | Daily Mail |   26 comments

Don't become like me!

FROM THIS: Valeria aged 19
TO THIS: Valeria today, aged 39

Valeria Levitin, 39, developed the eating disorder as a teenager after years of her mother weighing her as a child.

The Daily Mail reports she was teased at school about her weight and told she was 'too fat' to be a model.

Now, she is horrified by the letters she receives from girls wanting weight loss tips.

Instead, she warns them that her emaciated figure should be a severe warning about the dangers of extreme dieting.

She describes being anorexic as "lonely, unattractive and repulsive for the people around me".

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