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Remembering reggae legend Lucky Dube (Photos)

To mark 10 years since Lucky Dube's death, his former recording company, Gallo Records, will release.

Kate's dancing cousin bares it all

By Reuters | 2012-09-20 10:15:09.0

ROYAL SECRETS BARED: While more snaps of the royal emerge, with her taking off her bikini bottoms

Twenty-two-year old Katrina Darling is firing up the crowd at New York's "Demi Monde" with her burlesque show titled 'God Save The Queen'. But off stage, the dark haired beauty has real royal ties - she is a distant cousin of Kate Middleton, future queen of Britain.

It was April last year when Darling got a phone call from a reporter who told her about her royal connection. "It was pretty crazy because it was April Fool's Day so I was like, 'no, this is like not happening at all'. But I called my mother and she was like, 'yeah, I didn't want to get in touch because obviously you were doing your show and things, but some reporters came around asking."

Recently the brunette bared it all in Playboy's September issue. And while already a professional model and dancer, Darling says she is still exploring her future options.

"I am 22, so I guess I'm just going to continue to stick my fingers in pies and see which ones taste good I suppose."

She is raising money with her show for Amnesty International to support the jailed Russian rock band Pussy Riot.

  • Meanwhile, a celebrity magazine in Denmark is the latest publication to run pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine sunbathing topless while on vacation.

Thursday’s edition of Se og Hoer (See and Hear) included a supplement that featured 14 pages of photos of the British royal couple on a recent vacation in a private chateau in the south of France.

The former Kate Middleton appears topless in 14 of the 36 photos published.

In one grainy picture she is pictured taking off her bikini bottoms while in another she puts them back on.

The photos, which first appeared in French magazine Closer last week, have sparked fury from the British royal family and revived a debate on press intruding into the private lives of celebrities.

The publication in Denmark came a day after the magazine’s sister edition in Sweden ran the photos. Ireland’s Daily Star and Italy’s Chi have also published them.

The chief editor of the Danish magazine, which like its Swedish counterpart is owned by Danish-based Aller Media, said he was “incredibly proud” to have obtained the sole Danish rights to the snaps.

“Our readers love to follow the lives of the royals and they want scoops,” Kim Henningsen said on the magazine’s website, noting these were photographs “which the whole world is talking about but very few have actually seen”.

The royal couple has obtained a civil injunction and sought criminal charges in Paris in a bid to curb the spread of the pictures, which emerged while Prince William, the second in line to the British throne, and his wife were on an Asia-Pacific tour. French authorities on Tuesday banned Closer magazine from any further distribution of the pictures and began a criminal probe into how they were obtained. The court also ordered the magazine to hand over the files with the images to the royal couple, which the publication did on Wednesday.