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Pearl Thusi and daughter involved in an accident

Model, actress and radio personality Pearl Thusi was in a car accident that left her and her daughte.

Obama girls are growing up PHOTOS

By Reuters | Aug 22, 2012 | COMMENTS [ 18 ]

Malia (14 years old) is now almost as big as her dad, who stands at 6 foot 1 inch tall (1.87 meters). Michelle and Barack Obama's younger daughter Sasha is now 11 years old - they're not those little girls we remember from the inauguration anymore



Dont let Zuma come to visit.

Ohhh this family has inspired me so much that i wish i can go back to m y child hood and start life afresh with someone that i truly love.

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Beauty or no beauty this is irrelevant considering that as a country we have far more important things to be informed of not growing kids hurray they are growing like baobab trees that you find in Musina.

Aug 22, 2012 11:13 | 0 replies

The older gal is not ayoba

You are strange!

She's 14!! What do expect? There's still a whole lot of growing to take a couple of years she'll be a true beauty - you'll see!

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no matter how rich you are, but you cant buy the looks.

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They are beautiful girls.

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i like Swati girls with their long legs
not to mention the beautiful faces


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Yerr I hope Zuma does not see errr its a joke !!

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i like Swati girls with their long legs
not to mention the beautiful faces

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Re etseng ka bana ba ga Obama @Sowetan????? There's nothing "gakalo" with these kidz, they are just ordinary kidz....duh

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i dont want to be blocked by Sowetan.

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@ eKapa-
its All South African Man dream to have a Family like this, mara our Law is againts us
How does the South African law prevent men to have happy families??

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