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His name is Jesus

By Daily Mail | 2012-06-28 12:13:43.0 | COMMENTS [ 30 ]

Off to enjoy a new life - Heartwarming pictures of two-year-old boy after doctors successfully remove 33 pound tumour that was bigger than him

Jesus Rodriguez, from the northern state of Durango, Mexico, was born with a benign lump, which grew to take over the right side of his body, stretching from his armpit to his hip.

Now, after doctors in Mexico City managed to safely remove the tumour, Jesus is back with his delighted family and on the road to recovery.

Dr Gustavo Hernandez, director of pediatrics at La Raza hospital where the operation took place, said the tumour was heavier than Jesus, who weighed 26 pounds when he went in for surgery two weeks ago.

It took doctors at the Mexico City hospital 10 hours to remove the giant growth, according to Dr Hernandez.

But miraculously, it went without a hitch, and the boy is now recovering well.

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Well done to hard working doctors,. God bless you

2012-06-28 12:15:10.0 | 0 replies

@Mellow half of the Spanish boys are called Jesus even though j is pronounced as rh and yes that's Spanish word for Jesus as you know it iWoman, what's wrong with namign your boy Jesus? given that million women are named after Jesus's mom (Maria), hayi man ppl lets get real.

To the doctors kudus you guys are heros.

2012-06-28 13:17:26.0 | 0 replies

We thank God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth for granting the grace that the procedure is finalized successfully!!!

2012-06-28 13:45:09.0 | 0 replies

God is Good!

2012-06-28 14:13:49.0 | 0 replies

so what did they do with that thing after they remove it?


they gave it to SweetyK for brain cells....kikikiki

2012-06-28 14:14:31.0 | 0 replies

"so what did they do with that thing after they remove it?

Maybe they will use it to make muti and sell it to Africans gore ba loyane, do you want it lidodaduvha11?

2012-06-28 14:14:34.0 | 0 replies

God is great.
how are u mabloggers???

2012-06-29 07:43:18.0 | 0 replies

Well done to the doctors who worked on this little lad. All the best to him and his family!

2012-07-04 08:53:27.0 | 0 replies

Well done doctors, the hand of science is greater than religious dogma, thanks.

2012-07-04 09:56:26.0 | 0 replies

No praises to God as he/she/it did nothing, but people themselves did that. People who takes other people's hnour and give credit to non-existant entity are worse than criminals. They real contributors to our society and give them to a God that arrived by a ship in the 1600's.

History tells us: People were dying like flies until 1928 when a bacteriologists Alexandra Flemmings, not Jesus or Muhammed, discovered penicillin. So those who prays God for the help of penicillin are telling us that the all powerfull God waited until 1928 in order to blesse people with the penicillin, what about billions of people who died with a curable diseases, that a penicillin could have helped them? God is worse than Mbeki, yet people complain about a few years that Mbeki withheld the HIV free treatment yeat God withheld the treatment of penicillin for thousands and thousand of years.

How many children and adults died of growns similar to Jesus (Jeshua in Hebrew) before scientics and surgeons discovered the treatment/ operation, how many? This lazy God comes at takes all the praises of hard working human being when it his/ her/it's fault in the first place that Jesus is born with such a huge tomour. If I was a believer I would have called for a boycott of all houses of worship until all those lazy being in heaven moved their a##ss as take responsibility of their Godship.

2012-07-04 14:20:24.0 | 0 replies

The proof is in the pudding.

To all those who give praise to a lazy God the honour of human achievement here is something to think about:
Not long ago people died like flies because of the transmitted deseases all over the world, God could not do a thing and pastors like Chris could never have claimed they can cure HIV, why because scientist did not have a clue on how to deal with this disease. Up until the late 80's scientst got a break through by descovering the NNRITIS (Non- Necleouside Reverse-Transcript I nhibitors) ARV drug for treatment against HIV. But history bashers will give that hard earned human achievement ti the sky God. Why does this God wait until so many people die before he take credit? Why this God has to leave scientist to struggle and test and fail for so many years before a treatment or cure is discovered? Why his/her praiser not just pray for people to be healed without a drug that is descovered by humans?

Here is a good example: TB killed millions and millions for centuries, no prayer, no healer could destroy the unkown illness. On the 24 March 1882 a German physician and a Scientist by the name of descovered the mycobaterium that causes TB, but there was no treatment yet, ask yourself what was God trying to prove if he/she/it was the one leading to the discovery?. In 1935 another German scientist by the name of Gerhard Domagk discovered that a compound named prontosil impact the growth of TB, but that was not enough to find a treatment. Ask yourself this question why was God not acting as many people were dying by this TB bacteria, even after 1882 when the mycobbaterium is descoved, what was his/her/it role on this, and what should he/she/it be praised for?
It was later tahat TB got treatment when an American scientist by the name Selman Waksman discovered that a fungus named streptomyces grisus constrains the growth of TB-bacteria and this scientist got a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1952, not God. It very important to use your brains and think about stuff before you praise the God who does nothing and get all the praises at the expenses of both the victims of diseases and the hard working human scientist. It high time that humans stop their unhealthy supestitous beliefs that causes more havoc and chaos in our societies. The dogma of the Jehovah;s Witnesses on the issues of blood transfusions has k#illed more innocent children and women, the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church on the use of condoms is fuelling the spread of deseases, their celibacy practice has created un explainable pain and grief to thoseboys who gote r#aped by the church fathers. The wars we had and we are still having are religious influenced, and we need to praise God for that?

2012-07-04 22:15:03.0 | 0 replies