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He really didn't want to get married

By Daily Mail | 2011-11-23 13:24:18.0 | COMMENTS [ 97 ]

Bridegroom (28) commits suicide just hours after wedding to his school sweetheart - Left a note and wedding ring at hotel for his 26-year-old bride

A father of two took his own life by throwing himself into a river just hours after marrying his long-term love.

Fernando Brazier, 28, left a note at the front desk of the hotel, where he had spent the first night with his new wife, telling her where his body could be found.

The note also said: 'I can't take it anymore... take care of the kids'.

He was then seen leaving the Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, New York around 9am on Sunday and climbing into a taxi.

He was discovered at the bottom of the Harlem River near Roberto Clemente State Park around 3pm, according to police sources.

Her family described the young mother, a college graduate, as 'distraught'.

Brazier's sister Shawna Weeks told the New York Post: 'He said [in the note] he couldn't take it anymore, and to take care of the kids.

'He left his ring in the envelope.'

The couple had been together since they were teenagers and had two daughters aged five and two years.

Brazier was reportedly suffering from depression for several months and had counselling with his fiancee.

His sister said: 'He would tell me that Trudy was a good person [but] he didn't want to marry her; he was feeling like he was pressured.'

Brazier worked as a night security guard and was studying to be a nurse.

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men pressurise girls into breaking their virginity
girls pressurise men into getting married

2011-11-23 14:49:59.0 | 0 replies

@ truthhurt
im superduper, cant wait for the weekend though. tired as hell. one of these days i must get me a rich husband, haai ke kgatetse man.

its like you read my mind. no matter how flat a pancake is, it always has two sides.
i really feel for the kids, to be robbed of your father in this manner is very painful.

2011-11-23 15:22:46.0 | 0 replies

If it was the maid obviously certain anatomical features were still intact (tight ,nothing hanging or heading opposite the naturally itended direction) and that somehow excited the poor ba*****rd!!! so in comparison to his wife he chose to die & leave out all the other options available to him as mojita. mxxxxxxim.

2011-11-23 15:27:42.0 | 0 replies

If it was the Gardener well.......I am no expert in that field!!

2011-11-23 15:30:24.0 | 0 replies

Some other people can`t control their happiness, look now he commited suicide for nothing.

2011-11-23 15:40:15.0 | 0 replies

Setlaela sa monna. Who forced u to get married.
Now the poor kids will grow up without their dad because he was a coward of a man. mxm.
Shortcut to hell i tell you

ke dumelana le wena go menagane, its is an easy way out
who suppose to support his kids now or raise them.
now hi leaves another single woman, ntse are bona rele ba bantsi so.

2011-11-23 15:44:28.0 | 0 replies

yday when i arrived home, i found a lot of cops, security guards, ambulances at my neighbors house. i tried to enquire yday but couldn't get ditaba. this morning i enquired with the securities at the gate, i was told gore the woman in that house tried to commit suicide. she took a lot of pills trying to kil.l herself. apparently the reason ke domestic violence le mathata a sa feleng. i don't know my neighbor at all cos he only moved in the beginning of this month. i was so shocked. i mean life is so precious for one to take it away, whether mathata or no mathata; even if my bank balance e le zero. i have learnt to talk TO the mountains and remove it and not talk ABOUT the mountain (Jesus teachings). nna prayer to God brings joy to my life and i cannot live without it hence i see mathata as nothing because i know that Jesus Christ has conquered the world, He died for me on the cross and nothing is too difficult for Him. He said we should cast all our worries and cares unto Him bcos He cares. why should i kil.l/worry if i am not loved by someone else knowing that God loves me too much? i will, i will not, i will not permit that in my life.
Sad news neh! sesotho se re mathata ke kobo ya manolo.After hardship there is good life again.Dont think about it Wordy no matter how hard lifi could be sometime neh.

2011-11-23 15:45:39.0 | 0 replies

Ba moloile

2011-11-23 15:49:21.0 | 0 replies

I suspect he was gay, that's why he keept saying "Trudy was a good person but he ddint wanna marry her"....

2011-11-23 15:55:55.0 | 0 replies

mehlolo ya lefase: surely @kuku has got to someting to do with it: gape limpopo ba loya
aka fofa ka lefeelo a fihla america withing one seconds

2011-11-23 16:02:29.0 | 0 replies

If it was the Gardener well.......I am no expert in that field!!

yaaah o ryt o expert ya go bolaya magotlo le ditsitsidi

2011-11-23 16:05:24.0 | 0 replies