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Gordhan's application politically motivated

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has questioned the timing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal .

Father (80) arrested for abusing daughters

By Sapa-AP-Reuters | 2011-08-25 13:29:46.0 | COMMENTS [ 50 ]

He is accused of locking up his two mentally disabled daughters and sexually abusing them - for 41 years!

Austrian Police said on Thursday that the 80-year-old man repeatedly raped the women between 1970 and May 2011.

The alleged victims are now 53 and 45 years old.

They escaped when he tried to rape the elder daughter and she fought back. He fell to the ground, could not seek help and was found two days later by a social worker and taken to hospital.  

He is now reported to be in the hospital of an elderly care home. 

In the four decades prior to this, according to police, he is alleged to have kept the women locked in a small kitchen with only a wooden bench as a bed.     

“The accused repeatedly threatened to kill them and threatened them with weapons,” the police department of the province of Upper Austria said in a statement.     

The man banned his daughters from having “any social contact”, the statement added.

The allegations evoke the case of Austrian Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and repeatedly raped her. Fritzl fathered seven children with her, before being arrested and imprisoned for life in 2009.      



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I agree with Sowetan ,that people should comment in English.
I love to read the comments,some get me to Lol.
But I grief for the ones I cannot understand.

@ Sexual
I'd have loved to understand what you mean.

2011-08-31 03:11:18.0 | 0 replies

the daughters should have reacted this way sooner............

but I always wonder: what happened to their mother? don't they have relatives?

or is it the normal white family isolation (my wife & kids are my family)???

2011-08-25 15:51:03.0 | 0 replies

you very funny you know that. a hear attack during sex. wow that would be the best place to die in coz thats a perfect recycle dont you think? i mean you came out there and you die in there.hahahahahaaaaaa

2011-08-25 15:50:54.0 | 0 replies

is it try it one more time its
oh sorry the m was missing

2011-08-25 15:45:23.0 | 0 replies

@ Crazyfenda

I know what wil happen he wil die of heart attack

2011-08-25 15:45:01.0 | 0 replies

@Crazy, mail came back

2011-08-25 15:42:50.0 | 0 replies

thanks dear you are a star. you see it helps to talk i wish ppl can learn to TALK

2011-08-25 15:42:45.0 | 0 replies

check your mail

2011-08-25 15:40:22.0 | 0 replies

okay that sounds intresting and my e-mail

2011-08-25 15:31:06.0 | 0 replies


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yes i am okay sisi. hormes for male dear i dont think they have a cut off period like females. e.g i can give you a 100 years old man and put a naked girl of his sexual preference and i tell you will tell me a different story all together

2011-08-25 15:22:47.0 | 0 replies