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By Sowetan LIVE | 2014-08-25 12:46:31.0 | COMMENTS [ 69 ]

A chef's unusual meal choice came back to bite him, twenty minutes after its head was chopped off.


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Bok do you rally say good?

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Why people eat things like snakes, bats, monkeys? these are the same things that cause uncurable viruses on human bodies

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And you decided to show up when they about snakes? SMH. Where have you been hiding?

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hahahaha I knew in snakes I will see you hahahaha. Im around and how are you shred?

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I am okay and you beautiful one?

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Im good thanks, where is Nongy hey?

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This is so Southern Africa in the far North of SA and South of Rodesia

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He is talking about Limpopo

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Lol know your country Mr X, seems you are glued in Cape

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Actually I do. It's just that what he is saying is completely meaningless.

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yaa kannete that was revenge

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Jaa carnivores (meat eaters whatever) with their craziness. How can you eat snake mara hee?.

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In my "wild youth" my friends and I killed a boomslang that was threatening to bite my mother. Having read about it, we skinned it and then cooked and ate it, having first pulled out the poison bearing fangs. It was actually delicious. I must say that was the only time and I don't think I would do it again. The boomslang itself was such a "pretty" snake.

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Maybe you need to convert, its never too late. What do you think Rob?

2014-08-25 13:52:22.0 | 1 replies


COnvert? From what to what?

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To veggies man. Just be a vegetarian and stop with your craziness of eating these things

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Hey, I eat a veggie meal twice a week, for economic and health reasons, and my one son is a vegetarian. However, I enjoy meat, and have no issues with eating it. I ate snake ONCE, and believe that one should try new things. Curiosity keeps one young.

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I agree with you Gumbura on this one, new things indeed are interesting

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Hee banna....! so this head was still alive even though it was cut off for 20 minutes....

2014-08-25 13:08:47.0 | 2 replies


Just like a chicken that runs away with a head been cut off. Watch NATGEO, you will see these things.

2014-08-25 13:21:49.0 | 2 replies

Ruralgirl gopola back home....when we used to run after that koko...o e kgaole tlhogo, the next thing the headless body is running around...

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Haha, i know what you are talking about.

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yes we did that but today you are arrested, thats cruelty to an animal.

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HE HE HE, That takes me back, Boet! I used to laugh and laugh at the sight of "afkop-hoenders" racing off after having their heads copped off. They look so funny. Did you ever "hypnotise" chickens as a kid? Also hysterically funny.

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Hypnotize it? Maybe, I think I once did. It was a chick. I know about the headless chicken. We used to chase it. LOL

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You lie a chicken on sand or something, with it's neck extended. Then you take a stick or something and draw a line from the beak outward for about 15 inches or so. Thje chicken will then just lie and there and make this odd gurgling sound for quite a while, maybe up to 20 minutes.... and it goes off laying for a day or two. Very funny to see. Kids' stuff, I know, but hey I was a kid when I did those things.

2014-08-25 14:14:32.0 | 1 replies


Seems today your childhood memories came back, it is a nice thing though Rob. when I think of the things I did as a kid I sometimes look at the mirror and laugh at me

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Not really, but the poison was still in the fangs so if they pierce skin, it's wham......... Like being "stung" by a dead bee.

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Mara nna I would rally like to taste a snake......! o kare e ka nna monate...

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Halo Montleza......wa reng fela ausi? Ke tla go rekela noga otle oe taste autlwa....

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LOL. Le go oka. Ga nkitla ke ja selo seo. yeah, o e rekele motleza.

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It tastes delicious.

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Montlenyane a nare o batla go swa. Moipolai ga lelelwe. Ruralgirl will help you anyway

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There is a nasty part of me that always feels happy when nature bites back.

2014-08-25 13:13:12.0 | 1 replies


Heheeheh....MC... please be nice to the poor chef....remember the guy was just preparing feed you eat meat?

2014-08-25 13:27:52.0 | 1 replies


Yes, I do eat meat. I don't, however, eat carnivores. The rule is that you never eat something that would eat you first :)

2014-08-25 13:30:58.0 | 3 replies


hahaaha... I get you...

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LOL MC as things turn out, PIgs can be classified as Carnivores, so are sharks but ppl eat their meat, its all confusing, who is eating who, lol

2014-08-25 13:50:09.0 | 1 replies


I wouldn't eat shark but ..... bacon! Porkies taste sooooo nyummie.

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MommaC can you please tell that to RobinX. He seems to be quite encouraging that crazy meal in here

2014-08-25 14:03:16.0 | 2 replies


Crazy is relative. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly. If you go to the far east, they eat anything that doesn't move fast enough - spiders, snakes, roaches, you name it!

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Oh come off it Budha! I am not "encouraging it. I was simply relaying an anecdote out of my youth, when I ONCE cooked a snake. Jeez, get some perspective.

2014-08-25 14:28:46.0 | 0 replies


Yha neh....indeed we are yet to see and hear more shocking news! Life is really interesting - we learn news things daily!

2014-08-25 13:26:47.0 | 1 replies


Sweet revenge, indeed.

2014-08-26 08:30:38.0 | 0 replies


something similar happened a while back, I moved a hliphas (that cured wooden block that is used to lay a railway track on) and underneath it i found this black snake with a big head, i cut of its head with a spade and it open its mouth as I did so, after taking the hliphas to where it was needed and feeding the body to the chickens i took a small stick and stuck it in the open mouth, the thing slamed shut and i could not remove the stick. i was so glad i didnot try a finger or done anything stupid with that head.

2014-08-25 13:38:24.0 | 0 replies


Hello Ruralgirl...! Hello MommaC....! le tsogile sentle? @Rural, there is a place called Carnivore gaufi le Ruimsig, ke batla go e etela e le ruri. E na le mefuta yotlhe ya nama mma

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Generally I like animals, but I just can't bring myself to like snakes, maybe they are presented in a negative way, I mean sharks bite ppl off everytime, so do crocs but I can't hate them, why can't I have same feeling with snakes as I have with other animals

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And the photograph here is also very amusing. The way that guy is crouching he is going to be bitten on his "snake" if that cobra is quick enough. Not a very smart position, in my opinion.

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I need to send one to Nkandla...

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There i was thinking when you come across this bastard yet so pretty son of a gun of a thing you go for the head and its game over for him...From now on petrol bomb boycott style will do...R.I.P Oom

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snake is not food though its blood gives a man a 48hr hard erection. what kind of a snake eating place that has no venom injections?

2014-08-25 14:11:11.0 | 0 replies


@Budah.....! no nka se swe, a kere tlebe e gadikilwe. I heard bare it taste like fish. I think its edible.....! its soft, so I just need someone who can cook it nicely...! If we eat crab, why not snake...!

2014-08-25 14:12:29.0 | 1 replies


Just make sure you remove the venom before cooking it.

2014-08-25 14:29:33.0 | 2 replies


just make sure the head is dead then, once cut a snake in 2 half pieaces, the head half ran away.

2014-08-25 14:56:40.0 | 0 replies


no need, just cook the snake thouroghly, high temeratures kill the vernom. When far from doctors the best way of getting reed of venom is immensing the beaten part/body in very hot water, vernom disintergrate at high temps.

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Dilo tse re tshwanetse re di leke tse, motlha wa tlala o etla bathing....! I guess only Chinese will survive because hulle eet elke ding. Jaanong le nna ke batla go di itlwaetsa

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next time dont eat snakes,dont cook snakes,just them the hell alone

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hae,daz bad,ppl risking a lot...i m speechless

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Ai !! sowetan was in necessary to show us hairy white man's legs???

2014-08-25 14:58:54.0 | 1 replies


Would a hairy green man be okay?

2014-08-25 15:16:30.0 | 0 replies


Sweet revenge, indeed.

2014-08-26 08:29:17.0 | 0 replies


it serves him right,

2014-08-26 11:06:08.0 | 0 replies


In fact how long deos it takes in man to after been bitten by cobra?

2014-08-26 14:02:21.0 | 0 replies


lol idiots you dealing with snakes but you not keeping anti- venom in the first aid kit

2014-08-27 09:13:15.0 | 0 replies