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Petrol price to increase - again

By Sowetan LIVE | 2013-07-30 09:12:20.0 | COMMENTS [ 145 ]

Consumers are still coming to terms with the impact of the last petrol price increases, but it seems the pain is not over yet.

Economists have warned of a possible increase on August 7 that will see consumers fork out between 25 and 30 cents a litre extra.

In July motorists had to pay an extra 84 cents a litre for fuel and 78 cents a litre for diesel.

COMMENTS [ 145 ]

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I think it is important to understand that SASOL and PETROSA are making billions out of our pain.

Why? because even though the fuel is produced here using SA natural resources, it is benchmarked against international crude oil prices in dollars.

So enjoy the national pride folks you are getting shafted twice 1) Whe the Zupta governot frucks up the value of the rand and 2) When you get to pay international prices for a local product.

Mzansi - Dying of possibilities

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Just don't forget that 60% of the petrol price is taxes put there to ensure our anc politicians never go hungry.

Harzit Skwams me old "Packet o' Crisps" (or is the proper translation "Bundle of Joy?")

I am interested in doing some voluntary work with UNICEF in child nutrition. What sort of programs do you folks run in SA?

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@ skwamasamabele1

Nee man... I'm trying to enjoy my mortvite porridge here dude.. It's too cold for such behaviour.. Asseblief man

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@skhwamasamabele 1
"Stop moaning and pay (LOL). I pay R 36 a litre over here, and it goes up bi-ennially"
Where are you @, if I may ask?

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Let me think..............Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh







Ok.......Please block all the comment to this rubbish article at 12:35 !!!

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again - burgernomics.

It is getting to a stage where working for a living isn't financially viable here.
We have the same problem. Food prices going up and wages remain stagnant. I am lucky because I do consultancy work, I charge what I like and the cretins (business) just pay. I rarely drive because even parking requires a bond around here!!!!!! To run an average family car costs around R64K a year, before you can even put petrol in. So you are not alone and everything is quite relative really

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I'm also in consultancy but there are limits to what kind of sudden increases my clients will handle. Most of them are NGOs who are also feeling the pinch.

The size and sprawl of SA is one of the big problems - everything is a small country away from where you are. It is incredibly difficult to live without a car. There is limited coverage with public transport and the taxis are only a last resort for suicide attempts!

Our parking is also getting ridiculous now.

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Finding another man not a bad idea when things get so tough

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Just listen to this M0nkeys......I think i need a R7 KOTA without Achaar !! "Haikhona"

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@ !serobapipi

Stick to your league and go find yourself a petrol attendant..

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