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'Make cash the apps way'

By Mpho Sibanyoni | 2012-12-14 09:20:00.0 | COMMENTS [ 22 ]

Local entrepreneurs should seriously consider flocking to the industry that develops cellphone and tablet applications.

LOCAL entrepreneurs should seriously consider flocking to the industry that develops cellphone and tablet applications.

This is the view of Pratapa Bernard, vice president and head of Vodafone emerging markets.

Bernard said entrepreneurs aiming to venture into the industry should have a vision of building products centred on addressing various needs of consumers.

"The industry is not really looking for a particular profile of entrepreneurs. It does not matter whether you are a small or big business," Bernard said on the sidelines of the Vodafone App Star competition.

The international inaugural challenge attracted 3,000 developers from the Middle East and Africa.

The first and second prize of the competition went to developers from Kenya, while the third prize went to a South African, Rudolph Joubert.

The Kenyans designed an adventure game focusing on the country's heritage and an app that solves mathematical challenges.

Joubert came up with a Ster-Kinekor app that helps movie-goers book seats from their mobile devices.

Bernard said although there was a hugh role South African entrepreneurs could play in the app development space, many developers struggled to exploit the feature phones market.

"If South Africans focused on feature phones apps that could solve consumer needs, build mobile services through the understanding of the local context, they could make money from the industry."

He said potential app developers could freely register with Vodacom to take advantage of the opportunities presented by app industry.

- sibanyonim@sowetan.co.za


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just what i was thinking of yestenight after taking a look on my sons's kid laptop, i had this view that VB programing can covers almost eveything in that laptop, also thought about a number of other applications that can be done using simple programing languages, i am taking a software engineering coarse next year, while i plan todo a computer version of the kidies laptop using VB as my december holiday project

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pls stop wasting posting space maan, we got u first time around, its small minds that get interested by spell mistakes on some stupid blog, i go for the message bro, and i dont think small mind will be visiting this article. LOL

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I am black a developer, white business which is the one generally running the economy and IT sphere, refuse to give black developers a chance, I once approached mass mart group to create an app for them, they saw potential in the app but they refused to give me read only access to their inventory database, months down the line the same app was developed by someone probably white developer, again I once approached FNB for the online merchant account and they refused to give it to me citing that I must have minimum of R 30 000 in my business bank account, how can I have such money when I am a starting business owner, I am not surprised that ster-kine kor allowed Rudolph joubert to develop such app (anyway its a simple app to develop), after all they own these businesses, we blacks we are out in the cold alone with our government doing nothing for us

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I guess we need to start our own support organisations, when social media was introduced i thought it would provide a good platform for young black professionals and enteprenuers to discuss and share ideas, but I was so wrong coz we misuse the stuff for mjolo and all kak rubish. I believe there are black owned busineses that can give u such a platform to futher your development skills, we just need to come together as young blacks and stop waiting for malema's economic freedom that will never come.
Have u heard about the idea behind indian business people, something like what the Nigerian motivational speaker called the spider doctrine, we need that bro

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Sorry my brother that those companies could not accept your proposal.I also submitted 3 different business plans to NYDA with no success.What i know is that someone out there might have utilised my plans and they are now making money out of it.
I know a lot of people with skills but unfortunetely,they are going nowhere as companies cant offer them a platform to showcase their skills and talents**
But let us keep on fighting,we will one day obtain a breakthrough

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@Cyborico, before you start I suggest you research the industry deeper. You need to know what type of Apps you want to develop, and who will be your target market. Most of the Apps are for free, because a lot of the small developers are trying to make a name for themselves.

Look at something like Angry Birds, it's a nice free game. And they don't really make money from the download, but partnerships with other companies. BE VERY CAREFUL...

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thanks Nkosi, will keep them eyes open, still reseaching the right institute to reg with

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eish, not every one is a developer you know. but thats correct. mobile apps is the way to go. there is still a great potential for innovation.

never be the one who put limits to your dreamms bro, 90% effort always yield the required results

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I use berrylocate.com on my blackberry and it was developed by a south african

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Sorry long post for my first comment on SL ever. This info might be helpful:

1. Smartphone programming languages are: Java for BB and Android (be warned lots of differences between them), Objective C for iPhone, MS .Net languages (C#, VB etc) for Windows Phone/Mobile.

2. You can also create websites that people can access from their phones, these are easier to make work with all different types of phones but you won't be able to use some of the phone's features, for instance the camera.

3. MXit also allows you to create apps and make money from them. You might think MXit is just for teenagers but it runs on normal phones as well, not just smartphones and they have a LOT of users. To learn about MXit development go to code.mxit.com - sorry the site is quite hard to use, they should really fix that.

4. Online training: you don't need to pay to learn to write basic apps. Not at University (that will be VERY valuable in the long term but not if you just want to get started) and not to any "online training" course - some are run by criminals who just want to waste your money. Please please don't sign up for any advertised "3 month" courses - not online or in real life - unless you have spoken to people who did the course who have actually been able to get a job or make money from apps afterwards. Find your own people to ask, don't trust the ones the training company introduces you to. But you can learn just from google.

If you want a taste of University programming course ... there are some very good FREE online courses at http://www.coursera.org - they have video lectures so it takes time to download, but they come from the best universities in the world. In SA very few universities have teaching as good as this. If you've never programmed before maybe start with https://www.coursera.org/course/programming1 - not for mobile apps but a very good starting point for all types of programming.

Whatever route you take be warned it will take a lot of time in front of the computer and Internet. But you can get there, good luck!

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thanks will try them out, I want a broader spectrum, i am not planing specialiazation anytime soon, i want the complete package then i will take it from there.

Heard that the university in Free state offers a number of online programes, got anything on them?

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