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What's in the budget for 2012?

By SowetanLIVE | 2012-02-22 14:01:37.0 | COMMENTS [ 9 ]

South Africa's first R1 trillion budget: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's proposed 2012/13 Budget exceeds R1 trillion -- R1.06 trillion -- for the first time ever, with the bulk of spending, R615.7 billion, earmarked for social services. SEE SUMMARY OF the 2012 BUDGET SPEECH >>

"We have to say to our people that economic uncertainty will be with us for some time, yet we have a programme of economic change that can steadily roll back unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Click here to read the full story

- Levies to push up petrol price. The general fuel levy will increase by 20 cents a litre of petrol and diesel from April 4. Click here for more

- WE ARE TOLD TO PAY UP: Gauteng freeway tolling will be introduced in April which will see ordinary motorists charged 30 cents a kilometre . Click here for more

- COSATU RETALIATES: Defy this thing, drive through the public roads. We will not be used as a cash-cow to profit some foreign investors. Click here for more

- TOLL FEES EXTREMELY GENEROUS - GORDHAN: This is the best that government can do. It is a demonstration of the fact that government is not insensitive to concerns raised by the public. Click here for more

No good news for jobs plans for young people. Click here for more

- Extra cost for education and health. Spending on education to grow from R207 billion in 2012/13, to R236 billion in 2014/15. Click here for more

- R18 billion boost to drive learner access to Grade R. Click here for more

The allocation to health makes up about 12.2% of the R1.06 trillion budget. The department has been allocated R121 billion in 2012/13, up from R113 billion in 2011. Click here for more

- SIN TAXES: Affects smokers, drinkers - even the super rich folk who have boats and planes. Smokers will have to fork out 58 cents more for a packet of 20 cigarettes.750ml bottle of spirits set to increase by a hefty R6, a 340ml can of beer by nine cents, and a litre of wine by 18 cents. Click here for more

- SIN TAXES: How smokers and drinkers bore brunt over the years. Click here for more

- CLAMPDOWN ON TAX EVASION: Since April last year, over 230 taxpayers have been successfully prosecuted, a further 1500 tax-related cases are awaiting prosecution with the National Prosecution Authority and over 700,000 taxpayers have been penalized for failing to submit an income tax return on time. Click here for more

- MEASURES TO IMPROVE CORPORATE TAX ENVIRONMENT: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has proposed personal income tax relief of R9.5 billion for 2012/13, as well as a number of other tax proposals. Click here for more

- POSSIBLE VAT TO FUND NHI: Ways to find the billions needed for the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme could include an increase in the VAT rate, a payroll tax on employers, and a surcharge on the taxable income of individuals. Click here for more

- RELIEF FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Good news as some relief announced. Click here for more

These sectors would have their budget increased from R84 billion in 2012/13 to R98 billion in 2014/15, an annual average rise of 8.4%. Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) was allocated R4 billion to begin purchasing new coaches. Prasa also received R1 billion to build depots and upgrade signaling in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. Click here for more

- The number of South Africans receiving social grants will swell to 16.7 million over the next three years. Pension grants increase by R60. Click here for more

- New measures to fight waste and corruption in state procurement, notably a review of all government property leases. Click here for more

- Funding for the fledgling department of military veterans will increase steadily over the next three years as it rolls out social support for former combatants. Click here for more

- The government will train more than 2,000 small farmers over the next year in cost-effective farming methods. Click here for more

- Government departments and municipalities not spending their allocated funding will risk losing the allocations -- and the relevant officials will be held liable. Click here for more

- Provinces told to have fewer admin staff. Click here for more

- Eastern Cape leases to be investigated. Click here for more

MAJOR infrastructure development projects worth trillions of rands are at risk of being stalled by government entities and municipalities that fail to spend the allocated budget. Click here for more

- Banking loan trends to be monitored to ensure that consumers’ growing reliance on unsecured debt does not become a systemic risk. Click here for more

- Cost of savings harms drive to get folks to save. Click here for more


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Sin Tax or No Sin Tax I won't stop, its my money that assist these lazy people all they know its breeding non-stop then nna ke ba fepele bana NOnZense - I also have to give myself a bell as a reward.

2012-02-22 15:09:31.0 | 0 replies

THis is bull-sh........t budget Anc prepared minister and all in government sh......t
thy it ur money

2012-02-22 17:01:17.0 | 0 replies

@choma i garee it's for us midle class we are always hit hard ...i dont even wonna talk abt toll gates, it p*** me off cauz after they have covered their debt we will be their cash cows making profit frm us, they will have 2 arrest me 1st, nt gonna pay them...ANC goverment is KAK.....

2012-02-23 07:51:21.0 | 0 replies

Middle class in this class is almost nonexistant, thanks to our beloved ANC and its chronies. Sisokola sonke in this country. The unemployed are even better than people who have jobs! How sick is that??? Soon, having a job in this country will be the most stupid thing in everyone's mind. It's already happening in the townships across the country.

2012-02-23 10:05:34.0 | 0 replies

@sarmologadi..... It's not only the ANC government doll all of them are full of skunk ish.

If they really cared for the well being of South Africans they would stop their bichin about who needs to run the show and distribute the load to other parties and focus on a common goal. Now there's new ish coming up instead of solutions. Like who first set foot in western & north parts of SA. I mean that's a whole load of crud, nonsense. And mina I'm like "are we still doing this again".

But then again it's still playing on, and especially in the corporate world. There's new this thing that the bass is doing. Taking in ethnic interns and then not provide Adequate skill for them to be Juniors or to have confidence in their practice and them paying them bananas. I'm not saying all the companies do it but hell the one I'm at is surely skruwing my butt good.

1 year of Ay life is ish if your not privileged to the on the other side of the fence or in the government.

2012-02-23 10:19:05.0 | 0 replies

where the f.uck is my comment huh???????? sowetan please do not start with me please!!!

2012-02-23 13:41:42.0 | 0 replies

Sin Tax, why Sowetan do not want to publish my comment, are you on the side for that stupid Pravin.

2012-02-23 13:47:05.0 | 0 replies

Were in the eath can get budget for trillion wena nja.

2012-02-23 13:48:45.0 | 0 replies

Increasing buzz and sigarate is not the solution, solution is to stop the grand,
I'm gonna reduce the grocery money and increase for my buzz.
hijacking for the vehicle carrying money will increase as i will join them from 01.04.2012 due to the stupid government budget.

2012-02-23 13:59:51.0 | 0 replies