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Tip for managers - Defending without being defensive

By Harvard Business Review, Reuters | 2010-07-21 01:30:28.0

Here are three tips for sticking up for your ideas without over-reacting to criticism

Being enthusiastic and passionate about your ideas is crucial to getting them heard and implemented. But protecting your ideas against criticism can come off as defensive and turn people off.

Here are three tips for sticking up for your ideas without over-reacting:

Be prepared.

Know in advance what some objections might be. Consider what others might not like and develop sound arguments to address those concerns.

Be appreciative.

Whenever you get feedback, even if it is more critical than helpful, be thankful for the input. This demonstrates strength of character and willingness to hear others' opinions.

Be patient.

Know that persuading others may take time and effort. Don't bulldoze an idea through. Instead, refine your idea to demonstrate that you are listening to feedback and be tolerant of the process."

- Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Defend Your Idea without Being Defensive" by John Baldoni.