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Only 1 in 4 workers understands role in company goals

By Reuters | Jul 01, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A majority of US workers do not clearly understand how to help their companies’ meet objectives and most say they don’t get useful feedback from supervisors, according to research

One in four workers has a strong sense of how their job contributes to their firm’s goals, said the survey conducted for talent management firm Cornerstone OnDemand.

And only 18% say they have been given useful feedback from managers, the survey found.

“In most roles people simply are not having any kind of meaningful communication with a manager about their career,” said Adam Miller, Cornerstone president and chief executive.

He said the recession was contributing to the problem.

“Probably many managers have felt that their employees are lucky to have a job and, therefore, they shouldn’t complain, they shouldn’t be concerned about their career, they shouldn’t need feedback and they should just do their job,” he said.

“When the economy improves, these are going to be the first people to leave,” he said. “They don’t feel valued.”

 The survey found 54% of respondents felt most appreciated by their colleagues, 30% felt most appreciated by supervisors and 16% felt most appreciated by company executives.

 Asked what, aside from compensation and benefits, would motivate employees to stay in their current jobs, most listed being appreciated first, followed by having a good manager.




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