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Agang could destabilise SA: Mantashe

By Sapa | 2013-02-19 08:48:00.0 | COMMENTS [ 192 ]

The newly launched political platform Agang SA could possibly be used to destabilise South Africa, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

SABC news reported that Mantashe raised concerns about the "party political platform", which businesswoman Mamphele Ramphele launched on Monday.

"The worry that we are raising... is that when these initiatives were announced, the founder was in the United States and announced that she is raising funding," Mantashe said.

"Our biggest worry about that funding channel [structure]... is that half the time it is not channelled to strengthen government and in fact it is [used] to destabilise."

Ramphele has called her party political platform Agang SA, which means "build South Africa" in Setswana.

She said she intended using it to contest the 2014 national elections.

COMMENTS [ 192 ]

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@Skwama btw Panorama last night reported that the horse meat scandal is due to the criminal gangs (mafia) who have infiltrated food industry, they were sussed out by an NGO (Against Animal Cruelty) after surveillance was carried out and subsequent whilstle blowing, its actually quite shocking that the EU food industry controllers were caught napping, also it shows how effective NGO's are here. I think many heads are gonna be rolling over this, its so bad now Germany France and the Netherlands are the latest to join in the fray of horse-meat.

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@StanLezi, I often laugh when I see stuff like the one in your post today, the only thing so called graduates like you are good at is plagiarising, copy paste, you guys are a joke, what is the point of this copy paste article, or you have no opinion at all or you are a parrot that is agreeing with everything without using your brains to analyse what's been said which you copied and pasted here? I can see why ppl like are the unemployables packing in gov offices waiting for salaries they have not earned you are lazy to think, you are just lazy and a waste of time!!!

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i think this puzzle is solved.....gwede knows something that most of us probably dont but my guess is, this doctor is yet to reveal more heavy weights with extensive governance experience and struggle credentials and amongst them i think Trevor Manuel & Paulo Jordaan.....HMn!Those few cadre's that were committed to Aging the nation while other were Aging makes sense now

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I do salute Dr. Ramphele for de courage she has shown to our political spectrum & make politics more interesting. However, I doubt if she could make any serious dent(s) to the ANC. Here are facts:
1. ANC is still very strong as a political brand locally, continentally & internationally as a result of its liberation credentials.
2. ANC has got strong & formidable structures across de country, with a volunteer’s programme of about 4 mil people during every election. So 4mil votes guaranteed already. Money alone is not sufficient to seriously challenge de ANC, ask de DA.
3. Majority of the de people who support & vote for the ANC are poor, or did not achieve so much academically (school drop-outs) or have never been to school(our grannies & grandpa’s). Hence, to dem, there no life beyond ANC especially with social grants in place. Here I’m talking about 70%+ of supporters/voters for de ANC.
Therefore, I very much doubtful with de current generation of votes, if any of de opposition parties can actually unseat de ANC.

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Gwede just shut up!!!!

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Let us see you with the new ways of making us live better life in time of freedom. The organisation does not express well South Africans. It fit well on Tswana's as Agang South Afrrica,
You are a divisive tribalist mampara like our president! I am not Msotho but the name is beautiful and has a great meaning so please don't be fly in the soup!!!!

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Today the west is the east, is the north, is the south, for better and worse.

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Let us see you with the new ways of making us live better life in time of freedom. The organisation does not express well South Africans. It fit well on Tswana's as Agang South Afrrica, Politically she must work very hard to get our votes. Her strategic naming will give her 7500 people support on 2014 elections. Comrades if you want your own organisation you can have it but do'nt waist time. Viva ANC Viva !!!

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CDP Communiqué
CDP reacts to Ramphele’s mention of yet another political platform
“Without wanting to sound too critical before having properly studied the contents of Mamphela Ramphele’s speech, one’s first impression is that it lacks a clear statement of what political philosophy she intends following” says Rev Theunis Botha CDP leader .
“What is apparent however is that the language used by her is noticeably reminiscent of the liberal, with a strong undertone of the socialist, ideologies. This is no different to what is presently being propagated by both the ANC and the DA.
“One glaring omission in the announcement is that none of those ‘fellow citizens’ who are to form this, ‘party political platform’ are mentioned by name. One wonders why in the midst of such an impassionate plea for transparency this was omitted and it would be interesting to know who are the financial backers of this venture.
“Her statement that this new platform will seek to work with others to reduce the fragmentation in the political landscape and realign politics, is no different to statements made by Helen Zille in the past, where she spoke about realigning politics with the aim of building a new majority at the centre of South African politics. “The only problem is that the social liberal political alignment envisaged here is not at the centre of the political spectrum but in fact left of centre.
“She clearly spells out what all South Africans already know is wrong with those presently in control of the country. The solutions given, however, sounded no different to so many that have been offered before.
“Her statement that “How can we build a country united in its diversity if we do not put the country first in our souls and hearts” flies in the face of the majority of South Africans who claim adherence to the Christian faith and who know that without putting God first in our souls and in our hearts the future of South Africa will rather be a nightmare than the fulfilment of a dream.”
Theunis Botha, 083 6572 482

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Another "alternative" neh.. .

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BTW HoneyBadger if you really want to know how evil zuma is, look at his name GEDLEYIHLEKISA this name has no good meaning at all, so therefore it stands to reason that he will manipulate and be divisive, hence his clever blacks, women with make up and skin lightening creams, and comments about dog owners, uzuma is Gedleyihlikisa the nation, so pay attention his parents knew better and you were forewarned so please pay attention!!!

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