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Uncle in court over four-year-old's murder

By Alex Patrick | 2017-10-12 16:24:14.0

Three weeks after the lifeless body of four-year-old Shaynice Talla was found discarded in a drain‚ her uncle will appear in court for her murder.

The toddler was found after a community search in Eldorado Park Extension 2‚ Johannesburg‚ on Wednesday September 27.

Talla had been killed and tossed into an open drain at the top of a koppie notorious for hiding drug users and criminals in the area.

Her death sparked outrage and the community again asked for military assistance to curb the rampant crime in the area.

At the time her body was discovered‚ a member of the community known by the police was taken in for questioning. He was later released.

Talla’s aunt Nita Mackay said the suspect was found hiding behind bricks near the body. “He had a panga in his hand‚ the community knows him because he always hangs around the tuck shop on the corner where the kids are‚” she said.

SAPS spokesperson Kay Makhubela said that the initial suspect in the case had been released. “We have arrested a second suspect. The suspect will appear before court on Friday morning on a charge of murder.”

Makhubela confirmed that the second suspect was Talla’s 26-year-old uncle.

Mackay said the family was in shock after receiving the news that her cousin was remanded for the crime. “He was one of our children. When his mother died he came to live with us‚ he knew the baby [Shaynice Talla] and her mother [Samantha]‚ he lived with them‚” said Mackay.

Mackay lives with her sister Samantha and their four other sisters and their small children. “We are all shocked. When we asked him [the accused about Talla’s murder]‚ he just kept quiet‚” said Mackay.

Mackay said that the accused even helped them search for the little girl when she disappeared. “I didn’t see him at the candle light vigil‚ I handed candles out to all the family and close friends‚ I didn’t see him there‚” Mackay said.

Mackay said that the family still had not heard anything from the police.

“There are so many unanswered questions. He [the accused] was seen with her [Talla] before she died. Two people saw him with her. We still want to know why he would do it‚ he was one of our children. It’s just shocking. Was it him? We don’t know anything‚ the police still haven’t told us anything‚” Mackay said.

 Makhubela said that Talla’s autopsy results were still pending and that he could not say whether she was raped or not.