Fri Sep 22 09:58:13 SAST 2017

Evidence of shower 'clean-up' after Van Breda triple-axe murder

By Tanya Farber | 2017-09-12 12:47:57.0

Henri van Breda at the start of Day 6 of his murder trial. Picture Credit: Esa Alexander

Did someone desperately try to wash blood off objects in the triple-axe murder that took place at the Van Breda home in Stellenbosch in 2015?

Captain Marius Joubert‚ a blood spatter expert with the South African Police Service who analysed evidence and wrote up two reports‚ said in court on Tuesday (reading from his report): “The bloodstain evidence documented in the bathroom shower‚ invisible microscopic blood‚ suggest an object or objects covered with blood of Rudi‚ Henri and Teresa might have been washed or cleaned inside the shower.”

He added: “This is inconsistent with Henri van Breda’s statement‚ due to the fact that he was positioned at the entrance of the bathroom during the blood shedding events in the bedroom. At no stage did Henri van Breda return to the bathroom after the incident‚ according to his statement.”

Also‚ said Joubert‚ Van Breda’s “position” during the events in the bedroom is “inconsistent and is not supported with the bloodstains observed and documented on the grey shorts and pair of white socks.”

Joubert said that the description given by Henri van Breda that he was behind a slightly open door observing the events would have led to minimal exposure to blood shedding events.

He detailed several other components of his findings which he said were inconsistent with Van Breda’s plea statement.

This included Van Breda’s claim that “fell and fainted” on the staircase after a scuffle with an attacker in a balaclava.

According to Joubert‚ Van Breda’s description of the confrontation and subsequent fall are “inconsistent with the flow patterns identified on Henri van Breda’s chest and left arm“.