Fri Aug 18 08:51:39 SAST 2017
Roads closed as snowfalls hit Eastern Cape

A severe cold front has hit the Eastern Cape‚ bringing snowfalls in a number of areas over the past .

Mduduzi Manana: the boss from hell

By Sabelo Skiti And Chandré Prince | 2017-08-13 10:31:23.0

Mduduzi Manana is a boss from hell who has been accused by his staff of temper tantrums‚ blackmail and blatant abuse‚ the Sunday Times reported.

It said the disgraced deputy minister of higher education‚ who slapped‚ punched and kicked two women at a Johannesburg nightclub last Sunday‚ has been accused of throwing diaries and cellphones at his staff; ordering employees to cook for him and his friends at his house; and punishing one employee by leaving her to sit in the dark‚ alone‚ on a winter’s night.

Manana also has a public protector complaint against him from his former head of office‚ Wonga Tabata‚ lodged in 2012.

Mandisa Duma‚ one of his victims in this week’s attack‚ said she was having trouble sleeping at night‚ the newspaper reported.