Mon Aug 21 12:19:56 SAST 2017
Former City of Joburg official arrested for theft

A former City of Johannesburg official was arrested on Thursday afternoon for theft..

Man rescued after being stuck under Durban bridge for two days

By Yasantha Naidoo | 2017-05-08 15:32:53.0

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A man who is believed to have been stuck under a Durban bridge for two days was taken to safety in an hour-long rescue operation.

Rescue Care’s Garrith Jamieson said a joint team comprising SAPS Search and Rescue as well as IPSS paramedic Paul Herbst managed to bring the man‚ who had holed himself up under the Connaught Bridge near Durban’s Umgeni Road‚ to safety.

Initially the man told rescuers that he didn’t want to be moved until he had food and water.

 However workers managed to harness the man and bring him to safety from underneath the Connaught Bridge.

Once on the ground‚ paramedics immediately worked on stabilising the man who was shaking visibly and in a state of shock.