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Clan feud over farm land

By Boitumelo TshehleNorth West Correspondent | 2017-04-09 10:05:32.0

A bitter feud over how to use land that was acquired through a restitution claim has ended in the courts.

On Wednesday, six beneficiaries from Bahurutshe boo Sebogodi clan in North West, who were part of the claimants of Klakfontein farm outside Zeerust, cried foul that their land was being utilised by a white farmer.

The six, who have over 400 cattle grazing on the farm, were told by the communal property association (CPA), a legal entity elected by the community, to remove their cattle because they were not paying for the land use.

The six are Wetshootsile Tiro, Marapo Tiro, Lenyeletse Tshukudu, Kelepile Tshukudu, Botlhe Marope and Biki Kgwakgwa. They were served with a court interdict in March to remove their cattle or they would be auctioned.

In December last year, Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti handed over the clan's title deeds.

The clan was removed from the land in 1936 following the passing of the Development Trust and Land Act.

The six said they were instructed by their chief, Ntswanyana Sebogodi, and the community to go and take care of the farm.

While there, a game farmer, came in for hunting.

They said they had asked the CPA to give them the lease agreement .

"I am hurt, white people took the land from us. We got it back, now CPA is giving it to white farmers again," Tshukudu said.

He said he was disappointed the team they had elected was taking them to court instead of resolving the issues internally.

Marope said he had sleepless nights, and

Tiro added he felt hopeless. "I feel like God has forsaken us. We got our land back , now we are fighting with our own CPA to use it," he said.

Sebogodi said he was the chief claimant of that farm. "When I claimed it, I did not claim for whites, I claimed for Lekubu community."

CPA chairman Ikalafeng Sebogodi said the six occupied the farm illegally.

"We do not care if the person we leased that farm to is white or black, as long as we as the CPA deems it okay."

Rural development and land reform director Lengale Bogatsu said they will hold a meeting with the community next week .

The case will be heard at the North West High Court on Monday.