Tue Oct 17 11:27:17 SAST 2017
Casac welcomes SCA ‘spy tapes’ judgment

The Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac) has welcomed the Supreme C.

Cape companies shut shop for anti-Zuma marches

By Babalo Ndenze | 2017-04-05 14:12:57.0

Companies across Cape Town will be shutting their doors and some will give their employees the day off to attend a series of anti-President Jacob Zuma marches on Friday.

Old Mutual‚ which has hundreds of employees at its Pinelands headquarters, has elected to remain open and let staff take a day’s leave.

The company will allow its employees to take a day of annual leave on Friday should they want to participate in any protest action.

 Ursula van der Westhuizen of Old Mutual Emerging Markets states in an email to staff that following a number of enquiries from employees‚ an internal note was sent out on Tuesday to let them know that the company “shares their deep concern about the future of South Africa and fully respects the right of individuals to demonstrate their support of the peaceful marches being held on Friday 7 April”.

“Given that there may be more of these calls to action‚ it will be necessary for employees to apply for a day’s leave. Unfortunately we cannot tell how many employees are taking annual leave to participate in the march on Friday‚ as our leave system does not record the specific reason for taking leave. Employees are also applying for leave because of the school holidays‚ for example‚” wrote Van der Westhuizen.

Another company shutting its doors on Friday is Vamp Furniture in Woodstock. It announced on its Facebook page that On Friday the the company will be closed.

“We will be joining our fellow South Africans to make our voices heard and take a stand against the evil corruption currently taking place in our country. #SouthAfricaMustRise #ZumaMustfall #NotMyPresident‚” read the post.

Cape Town fresh juice producer House of Juice has informed its customers that it will close on Friday.

“Dear customers‚ due to protest for change‚ we will be closed on Friday and we will reopen on Saturday‚” said the company. — TMG Digital