Sat Jul 22 02:34:29 CAT 2017
Vilakazi Street packed to capacity Picture: Neo Goba
Vilakazi Street residents ready for celebrations

For 83-year-old pensioner Grace Mafafane Mandela Day means she gets to be spoiled just like the old .

Legalising sex work 'a gift to the pimps'

By Zoë Mahopo | 2017-03-19 13:25:24.0

A Limpopo organisation assisting victims of sexual abuse has warned against the perils of legalising sex work.

Nobesuthu Javu of Ekuphumleni Restoration Home (ThyRest) told a panel led by former SA president Kgalema Motlanthe that decriminalising sex work would worsen sexual crimes.

Limpopo is the last province to hold public hearings to review key legislation passed since 1994.

Javu's organisation, which gives refuge to rape victims, sex workers and victims of human trafficking, said legalising sex work would benefit syndicates and make women more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

"It is a gift to the pimps. It is a gift to the brothels."

Javu said of 188 sex workers assisted in Polokwane, the majority of them wanted a way out. "SA policy must move towards a process of assisting sex workers to exit the business." -