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From 'incorrigible man' to 'Constitutional delinquent' - what Zuma was subjected to at #SONA2017

By Kgothatso Madisa | 2017-02-10 12:15:28.0

President Jacob Zuma only managed to start his State of the National Address (SONA) speech an hour after he was scheduled to.

Zuma was due to deliver his State of the Nation address at 7pm but he was held up by members of the EFF and DA‚ who raised security concerns and other requests.

"Incorrigible man rotten to the core" - EFF leader Julius Malema

"Sitting in front of us here, is a man who is incorrigible, an incorrigible man rotten to the core. And that has been found by the Constitutional Court.

"And this story that you voted majority to keep him it doesn't make him a legitimate president.

"I'm saying, the fact that majority voted against the Constitutional Court decision, it doesn't make the majority right.

"You voted against the Nkandla Report, which was declared by the Constitutional Court that you were in breach of the Constitution by voting against the Nkandla Report. You are repeating the same mistake.

"Mr Zuma has collapsed his own right to address us here. Mr President, 441 soldiers will never protect you. Your problem is not outside, your problem is here. There is no soldier here, here we are elected, you want soldiers to defend you, let soldier form a political party and come in here. Inside here they will never come in, so we are not going to allow the president to address us."

"We cannot hold lemenemene as a role model" - COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota

"None of us can be a member of the National Assembly or of Parliament without taking an oath under schedule 2. We of Congress of the People want to place it on record, we pointed out in the last State of the Nation Address that the gentleman before you has broken his oath of office, he has admitted that, subsequently the court found that he has, he has discharged himself from the oath of office. He can't be a member of parliament when he has discharged himself. Section 48 requires that.

"Madam speaker in English it's called a scoundrel, in our mother tongue it's called 'lemenemene'. Now we cannot hold lemenemene as a role model that the use of our our country must emulate. Therefore we cannot become part process. We have not broken our oath of office now you want to make us complicit in the breaking of our oath of office."

"You are a Constitutional delinquent" - EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

"We are all, first an foremost, citizens of South Africa and we are not allowed, according to the Constitution, to stand for any office if we have a criminal record. It doesn't matter whether it's NCOP, it doesn't matter whether its Legislature, even a Council of Councillors in a township are not allowed to hold public office if they are found to be in breach of the Constitution. If you want to listen to a person that has breached the Constitution go do it elsewhere, somewhere in the prisons there where criminals speak. I have a duty, together with other Members of Parliament who have taken an oath of office to protect this house in terms of the Constitution.

"Mr Zuma please leave Baba, please leave you don't belong here, you are a Constitutional Delinquent, you have to leave then we can proceed with the business of the house. I'm sure each and every one of us are competent to can deliberate on the state of the nation. But Mr Zuma is a delinquent. He breached the Constitution, it is him that should leave, not us. You are wrong not to protect us you are protecting him to stay here as a criminal."

"The leader of the ANC who is here has violated the Constitution" - DA leader Mmusi Maimane

"We saw earlier on today, army members even here in the precinct. The fact of the matter is that the Constitution has been violated, which is something even PW Botha would've been proud of.

"The leader of the ANC who is here has violated the Constitution. What doesn't change is the fact that South Africans voted for him. We are not here tonight to debate that question, what we are here tonight to debate is the people of South Africa and the fact that many don't have work. Can I request that today we proceed on this matter so that we can talk about the people's business and South Africans who are left behind while we have this discussions.