Fri Mar 24 04:12:26 CAT 2017
Why Absa waited 15 months before closing Gupta accounts

Absa had every right to wait 15 months before it closed down the accounts of Gupta-owned companies‚ .

Caregiver who assaulted elderly woman found guilty

By Zwanga Mukhuthu | 2017-01-24 13:52:22.0

Former Lily Kirchmann caregiver Ncediswa Mkenkcele has been found guilty on all five counts relating to the horrific beating of 84-year-old Hope Shepherd.

The ruling was made a short while ago in the regional court of the East London Magistrate’s Court.

Mkenkcele was on trial for the January and February 2015 assaults of Shepherd which were caught on video tape inside the Berea old-age home.

Shepherd died seven months after the assaults were uncovered by her daughter Bernice Robertson.

Mkenkcele will be sentenced on March 30.


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