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I won't take a break‚ unlike Eskom's Brian Molefe‚ says SABC's Hlaudi

By Nathi Olifant | 2016-12-02 06:29:58.0 | COMMENTS [ 42 ]

SABC Group CE for corporate affairs Hlaudi Motsoeneng has slammed too much education‚ vilified researchers and suggested foreigners shouldn’t spend too long in South Africa.

Speaking at an ANC Youth League gathering in Durban Thursday night‚ he said: “Research takes long. It takes three years to research and two years to implement it...too much education is dangerous. It’s like overdosing on your medicine.”

Motsoeneng said professors always tried to influence him and one even wanted to be his mentor.

“I said (to him) you always quote people and books saying ‘so and so said this. When are you going to be quoted yourself?’ He could not answer many of my questions and in the end I knew I should be his mentor‚” he said.

Motsoeneng told people attending the ANCYL lecture on economic freedom why he supported Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as the next president of South Africa and why he would not bow out like Eskom CE Brian Molefe.

“I want South Africa to make history. For far too long we have been led by men‚ now I want a woman to lead‚” said Motsoeneng.

“I won’t take a break. Unlike Brian Molefe‚ I will run to where the noise is coming. I will work hard until we produce a better South Africa.”

The ANCYL said it had taken a decision to lobby for Motsoeneng as a national executive committee member of the ANC and for him to become a cabinet minister.

Motsoeneng regaled the young party faithful with tales of how much he had achieved at the SABC‚ even without a

He said the decision to play 90% local content was taken in 10 minutes during an SABC executive committee meeting.

“I said by 12 midnight local music should be played. They asked me how and I said that was not my business and for the first time in my life I switched off my cellphone that day. The 90% was in the interest of the public‚ not the SABC exco.”

Motsoeneng said the 90% quota was conceived when he visited Jozini in KwaZulu-Natal and local people who are not professional artists gave an “astounding performance“.

Motsoeneng also entered the national political fray by referring to cabinet ministers who defied Zuma.

“People go to this NEC to be ministers‚ but we should move away from appointing people as ministers just because they are in the NEC. If I was the president‚ I would not appoint them. Take people from the branches and make them a minister‚” he said.

He boasted about how many “young and ordinary people” he had hired at the SABC.

He said people always complained about the lack of transformation when they were in charge.

“You know‚ not all white people of this country hate transformation. Some are blacks in a white skin‚ while some of our blacks are white inside‚” he said.

“Many white managers at SABC have transformed their unit and I always say to black managers complaining about transformation that they must look at their neighbour‚” he said.

Motsoeneng said while it was good to have foreign companies and multinationals in South Africa‚ they should “only stay for 30 years‚ transfer skills and expertise and leave us in peace”.


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talking twak

2016-12-02 06:51:17.0 | 0 replies


eish the sowetan journalist..........the heading suggests that the foreigners should not overstay their welcome in South Africa but the article talks about "foreign companies"

2016-12-02 06:55:23.0 | 1 replies
2016-12-02 06:57:15.0 | 0 replies


Hlaudi talks sense here. Think about a research for Pebble Bed Modular Reactor, billions of rands were spent to do this research but it never came to fruition.

2016-12-02 06:58:36.0 | 2 replies


@56381, you reckon that research is fail? You just like the ANCYL in KZN, they fail to do research that is why they rhetorically spew their undigested,undiluted,unprincipled and most vacuous and scatological ramblings purported a coordinated move of strategy for ANCYL.

2016-12-02 08:12:09.0 | 1 replies


Lepara ...You are missing a point. 8 billion rands was spent on useless research. South Africa never saw the return on investment. Come up with your fact, stop talking about ANCYL. I have nothing to do with ANCYL.

2016-12-02 09:10:11.0 | 0 replies


0 56381 - The Ch1nese broke in, and stole our PBR technology... So, maybe not so useless?

2016-12-02 09:35:29.0 | 0 replies


Words fail me. Unreal how stupid one can be and then even have followers? The uneducated blind leading the blind...

2016-12-02 07:04:37.0 | 0 replies


Hlaudi, if you pull 7 de kak off, I will wash your feet and kiss them.

2016-12-02 07:08:49.0 | 1 replies


I hate how the make bushies speak Afrikaans on there, that fake accent

2016-12-02 07:26:24.0 | 1 replies


Terrible acting too. I can't figure out what people see in that trash...

2016-12-02 07:53:25.0 | 1 replies
2016-12-02 08:24:10.0 | 1 replies


Yip, and my boertjie wife. Flippen drives me nuts, when she insists to see that crap, when there is so much more on DSTV to watch...

2016-12-02 09:05:03.0 | 0 replies


'...too much education is dangerous.' that's right you can educate yourself into imbecility ,like many of these SL bloggers who believe there's no God.

2016-12-02 07:15:38.0 | 1 replies


LOL. Not only those ones. Even the ones who are in support of Juju to blow this country into oblivion and send it to the stone ages.

Psalm 14:1 ... The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." ...

2016-12-02 07:37:06.0 | 0 replies


"......and suggested foreigners shouldn’t spend too long in South Africa".


2016-12-02 07:28:40.0 | 0 replies


"too much education is dangerous. It’s like overdosing on your medicine.”

Hihihihihihihi. Spoken like your president. "Clever blacks". Oh!! no, no. Spoken like Festus in Acts 26:24 At this point Festus interrupted Paul's defense. "You are out of your mind, Paul!" he shouted. "Your great learning is driving you insane."

2016-12-02 07:33:05.0 | 0 replies


Now this is the evidence that we have dangerous people leading the nation. People who don't have regard for education. They must vacate their positions and make way for people who want the best of this country.

2016-12-02 07:39:02.0 | 3 replies


None whatsoever Shredds!

2016-12-02 07:53:06.0 | 0 replies


Okay you want this RSA to be leaded by people who ruined their intelligence with education?

2016-12-02 08:18:41.0 | 3 replies


Don't be a douche-bag now. I know you're way better than that.

2016-12-02 08:25:27.0 | 2 replies


Another moron kakyakataka. Don't send your kids to school.

2016-12-02 08:46:09.0 | 0 replies


No baba, don't bribe me, it's against the law. Leadership needs intelligent people, not corrupt ones, too educated person's intelligence dies. He end up depending on what(education) provided by an external force,typically a teacher, tutor, mentor. HA KE O BOTSE KE O JWETSA SANI SHREDDER SANI.

2016-12-02 09:04:02.0 | 0 replies


@Kata, wena, ANCYL le Hlaudi le nyaka sepeite ke ya lebona. Swekere ya ngwaga e ya le hlohlonya.

2016-12-02 08:52:41.0 | 1 replies


Lepara, ga ke re monna ona o diya hantle, ke no komenta godima mantso ena a gawe""""too much education is dangerous. It’s like overdosing on your medicine"""".

2016-12-02 09:12:23.0 | 1 replies


@Kata, ke ya go utlwa.

2016-12-02 09:48:22.0 | 0 replies


KatakataEmaotoAditshepe - I want South Africa to be governed by people that ruined their idiocracy with education.

2016-12-02 09:03:34.0 | 1 replies


Those're your fathers and brothers who governed RSA before Africans come to power mos.

2016-12-02 09:14:19.0 | 1 replies


KatakataEmaotoAditshepe - Only my brothers and fathers are educated?

2016-12-02 09:29:19.0 | 0 replies

South Africa is in trouble if people occupying high offices sees no importance of education and are lobbying for uneducated leaders to lead our country then, we are doomed. I foresee a blood shed come 2019 elections between ANC leaders fighting for who must lead the country and their party. Ramophosa stand no chance cause Nkosazana is being lobbied in every corner

2016-12-02 08:49:42.0 | 0 replies


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2016-12-02 07:45:24.0 | 0 replies


so the YL wants him to become a minister?..... my word why is the ANC so eager to destroy itself?

2016-12-02 08:00:15.0 | 0 replies