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Mcebisi Jonas threatened ahead of his revelation - report

By Sowetan LIVE | 2016-03-17 07:18:22.0

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas was reportedly threatened ahead of his press conference in which he revealed the Gupta family offered him the Finance Minister position.

Jonas on Wednesday confirmed that the Gupta family family offered him Nhlanhla Nene's job before he was fired in December last year.

According to The Herald and Business Day, Jonas received a text message demanding him not to reveal anything.

"Please keep your own counsel. Martyrdom is best left to Christ," read the text message.

It is not clear who the text was from but Jonas went on with the scheduled revelation regardless.

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"I was approached by non-governmental individuals in respect of the position of Minister of Finance. Members of the Gupta family offered me the position of Minister of Finance to replace then-Minister Nene. I rejected this out of hand," he said on Wednesday.

This comes days after former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor blew the lid on how she was offered the position of Enterprise Minister by the Gupta family while President Jacob Zuma sat in another at the Gupta mansion in Saxonworld.

The family that has close ties with the president has since labelled both the allegations as false.