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Don Laka's charge 'a shot in the dark'

By Webster Molaudi | 2016-03-04 10:19:29.0

DJ Christos & Vinni Da Vincy

After firing shots at popular DJs Christos, Vinny da Vinci, Oskido and Shimza in the past few days, veteran jazz musician Don Laka has proved to have no leg to stand on.

Laka made headlines accusing DJs of being "fraudsters" and like a cartel that operated as a business within a business by playing each others' music on MetroFM where they work.

His Facebook post went viral, eliciting different reactions from the public and other DJs and musicians.

Some defended the MetroFM DJs and disagreed with the elder music man.

Laka also complained that too much international music robbed South African musicians of decent royalty cheques.

In fact he shared his latest one which reflected about R3000 in over three years.

This week, DJ Christos told Sowetan that he disagreed with Laka for "venting" his anger at the wrong people.

"I agree with Don on one thing; we need more local music to be played on radio and that quota systems need to be put into place and followed.

"DJs have played an integral role in ensuring that local music is played on radio and even get international recognition," he said.

'Most of the DJs he attacked actually play local music beyond the quota system and should be commended for that so I don't think Don did his research properly."

A Sowetan investigation has revealed that the music of the DJs he attacked did not in fact dominate the playlists of MetroFM and 5FM.

The data mined from Entertainment Monitoring Africa (EMA), the largest and most comprehensive monitoring service in South Africa, doesn't support his accusations.

According to the numbers at MetroFM collected from January 1 2015 until December 31 2015 under the DJs or artists accused by Laka there is nothing suspicious.

lDJ Christos's five songs were played nine times

lDJ Vinny da Vinci's songs played 0 times

lDJ Shimza's seven songs played 115 times

lDJ Oskido's eight songs played 63 times

The songs are performed by the DJs.

None of the DJs songs are in the top 100 songs played in 2015. That list is topped by Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars which was played on 23 radio stations some 3 896 times.

Let it be noted that if a track is not submitted to EMA for monitoring it would not appear on their list.

Approached for comment, Laka said he had been misunderstood.

"When I said conflict of interest I didn't mean that they were playing their own songs on the radio," Laka said. "What I meant was self-promotion whereby these people are employed to do certain tasks and on top of that they use the radio resources to promote themselves and earn income outside, of which the radio station doesn't get a percentage of revenue."

He added that the gig guide on MetroFM promoting the shows of the DJs was a conflict of interest.

"If I ask to be promoted in their gig guide I'm expected to pay.

"I don't know whether this is included in their contracts [and] if so, I wish to also work at MetroFM and build a profile promoting my gigs."